Police to seek PF permission before allowing opposition meetings?

The Zambia Police have been challenged to state their position on directives by PF Copperbelt chairman Stardy Mwale that they should seek permission from the ruling party before granting permission to opposition political parties intending to hold meetings.

UPND Copperbelt provincial chairperson Elisha Matambo said it was unfortunate that police could not arrest Mr Mwale even after he admitted that he sent his team of ruffians to disrupt a programme on which Mr Hichilema was appearing at SUN Radio of Ndola at the weekend.

Mr Matambo said it was the first time in the history of Zambia that party cadres had dared police on how they should execute their duties

He called on the Zambia Police to show their independence when enforcing law and order.

“Zambians should be on the lookout as democracy is slowly being wiped away by the PF who cannot accept divergent views from other political parties because they have failed to deliver on their promises.

“We are challenging the police to tell the nation that they have failed to arrest Mwale and the thugs who fired guns at the radio station and unleashed panga and machete wielding cadres on the UPND supporters and police officers. “As a party that knows the sufferings of the people of this country we would like to ask every Zambians to stand up and condemn in strongest terms the behavior of the thugs at Sun Radio and to rise up and defend the democracy that this country has enjoyed for 48 years. Why should things change now that PF is in power,” he said.  He said opposition political parties had worked in harmony with all the past PF chairpersons in the province who respected different views from the opposite side.

Mr Matambo said plans by the PF to destabilise the opposition would not yield results as they would not be intimidated even by the panga carrying thugs.

“We shall give them the correct dosage if police have failed to do their job.  How can Mwale say police should seek permission from him, who is he?

If the police are not going to arrest Mwale then Zambians will believe that they are another branch of the PF,” Matambo said.

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