Arrest PF criminals-Changala

Civil rights activist Brebner Changala has described the attack on the United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema by Patriotic Front (PF) cadres as barbaric, criminal and unacceptable in a country that cherishes democratic values.

Changala said the attack and threats on Hichilema’s life by the PF cadres must be condemned by all Zambians because the UPND leader was not only a citizen but was presiding over one of the largest opposition political parties in the country.

Changala told the Daily Nation in an interview that Hichilema had the right to assemble, associate and communicate with his followers anywhere in the country without restriction.

He said that it was criminal for the PF cadres to have taken the law into their own hands to threaten the life of a political leader.

He said it was unlawful for the PF and its leadership to threaten the life of Hichilema and that of his followers for criticizing and condemning President Michael Sata’s style of governance which he said was anchored on brutalizing political opponents and instilling fear in the general citizenry.

“The attack on Hichilema by PF cadres in Ndola where his life was threatened must be condemned in  the strongest terms. Zambians must rise and defend its democracy otherwise we run the risk of having the country Balkanized by a group of individuals who do not want peace,” Changala said.Changala said in the light of the unprecedented violence that has rocked the country since the PF came into power, it had become appropriate and opportune for President Sata to dissolve his government and call for early elections to save the country and its citizens from what he termed a lunatic fringe.On Sunday, Hichilema survived lynching by PF cadres who raided SUN FM radio station in Ndola for discussing the degenerating political environment under President Sata and the PF.

“The PF has confirmed that it came to power through lies and deceit. Now they have been caught up in their own web of lies, malice and dishonest agenda and want to use violence, intimidation, oppression and blackmail as means of governing the country.  He explained that from the onset, it was clear that the PF leadership had no national agenda to grow the country politically, economically and socially.Changala said it was unfortunate that public offices were now in the hands of people who had hijacked the hopes and aspirations of Zambians.“We are now being treated as foreigners in our country as our hopes and aspirations of a better Zambia have been dashed. These people in government must be stopped from achieving their wicked goals…they must leave…and soon,” Changala said.