Faulty Constitution Arithmetic

Zambians must forget about the enactment of a new constitution because the Patriotic Front (PF) is aware that, in the current political atmosphere it cannot win an election under the 50+1 clause if two formidable opposition parties MMD and UPND exist.

 UPND+MMD will sink PF chances under 50+1

That is why the PF will spare no expense, effort and propaganda to destabilize and hopefully drive the MMD into extinction. With the demise of MMD a straight election between PF and UPND would give the ruling party a fighting chance.

For as long as the MMD is intact the PF will not risk an election with the 50+1 clause, therefore the new constitution is anathema.

The PF has undoubtedly calculated that   Minus the MMD the PF will take its chances with the UPND in a two legged race either as one past the post or indeed under the 50+1, only then would a new constitution be considered, given that the 50+1 is one of the major demands of  civil society.

Sadly this is a zero sum game, because the credibility of the PF has been totally eroded. Not even the church which should be all forgiving has been spared by the PF in its sustained campaign of  alienation.

The aggravation that the constitution impasse has caused may be the final nemesis of the PF which has invested heavily in material, financial and material resources in the destruction of the MMD.

Contrary to the assertion by Vice President Guy Scott Zambians think that the constitution is very relevant to the development of this country.

Without a good constitution and therefore without good governance the nation cannot develop because resource mobilization and utilization will not be subjected to broad scrutiny to ensure good stewardship.

Zambians want an executive that is not only responsive but is articulate in crafting a vision that does not only address political interests, but recognizes the value of maximizing resource return and enhanced human capital performance.

The condescending and patronizing manner in which the Vice President addressed the Law Association of Zambia on the matter has irked many interest groups within the Oasis forum in which LAZ is but a member.

Lest the issue is misunderstood; the cry for a new constitution is a mantra Zambians have been chanting since the era of independence in 1964. Having liberated themselves from the yoke of colonialism Zambians have been seeking a second liberation from the yoke of indigenous dictatorship and authoritarianism- the sort of dictatorship that created the one party dictatorship with its off shoots of violent cadres who harassed and pounded the opposition into silence.

A new constitution will be a second liberation which will ensure the country is placed on a firm liberal democracy in which the executive will be accountable and answerable.

Zambians are aware that Dr. Scott and his colleagues in the PF torpedoed the last attempt at constitution making by the MMD, but that they will not be allowed to do the same this time. Zambians will make sure that this time round a  new constitution is enacted with or without the PF.

That is why members of civil society are planning to make the constitution an election issue. Only those parties subscribing to a new constitution they will draft will be supported in the elections.

Therefore whether or not the constitution is enacted may not matter because 2016 will see a party elected on the promise of a new constitution and that certainly will not be PF.

Nobody will ever trust the PF for having abrogated its own terms of reference which called on the draft to be given to the President and the public simultaneously.


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