PF cadres beat up Fr Bwalya again

Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya was yesterday savagely attacked by Patriotic Front (PF) cadres in Ndola’s Kawama area where he had gone to visit one of his members who was ill.

This is the third time Fr Bwalya has been attacked by PF cadres.

The cadres who had been trailing Fr Bwalya raided a home of an ill ABZ member he went to visit.

The thugs first molested children who had gathered to greet the priest cum politician with an assortment of crude weapons before attacking him.

Fr Bwalya confirmed that the PF cadres wielding crudely home-made weapons also hit the wall of the home of the ABZ member who was sick with the aim of demolishing the house.

Fr Bwalya said when he, together with his members came out of the house, they found the cadres beating children and women and when he tried to stop the, they descended on him and savagely beat him up.

He said the cadres roughed him so violently and that they tore off the buttons from his shirt before scampering off.

Fr Bwalya said he had since reported the matter to police where he was given a medical report.

Fr Bwalya said he later went to the hospital where it took a long time before he could be attended to because there was only one doctor attending to all the patients at the time.

“I went to Kawama Township in Ndola to visit one of our members who was sick. When we got into the house, the PF cadres who I feel were trailing me started beating the children who had come to greet me. So we came out of the house, we found them hitting the wall of the house with their weapons and when we told them to stop, they descended on me and beat me up. They injured me on my right arm and ribs and we have since reported the matter to police where I was given a medical report,” Fr Bwalya said.

Fr Bwalya said he was not worried about the beating he suffered at the hands of the PF cadres but was more concerned with the children and women who were beaten for associating with him.

He said the PF as a party in government wanted to have all the jobs for themselves and that now they were brutalizing citizens so that they could have all the freedoms to themselves to the exclusion of Zambians who did not agree with their leadership.

“If I knew that President Sata was this violent and could allow such levels of lawlessness, I would never have campaigned for him,” Fr Bwalya said

One thought on “PF cadres beat up Fr Bwalya again

  1. Nothing to get surprise of , bcos we told the priest in the first place that u ar to the wrong side of the game he dd not want to understand, nd infact these ar party of the behaviour he told the pf cadres to mahandle any innocent zambian if not in support of them
    so he shouldnt be suprised or complain he made it himeself, this is what normal zambians ment not to vote for sata nd pf, becos we know him him he,s one man of violence where ever he is its
    trouble , rb was the right person to lead the nation, but people wanted a change so thi is the change we wanted. gkc

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