Violence, Sata must resign

President Michael Sata must resign for failing to deal with the brutal and savage violence being perpetrated by Patriotic Front cadres.

United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has demanded the resignation of  Mr Sata because he has failed in his duty and responsibility to protect all citizens regardless of their party affiliation.

The culture of violence being perpetrated by PF was alien to Zambian culture and politics.

The UPND leader has also called on the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to closely monitor the escalating political violence in Zambia under President Sata and the PF.

Mr Hichilema said President Sata has allowed his cadres to continue with their violent acts so that he could have an excuse to declare the state of emergency and delay the 2016 general elections to illegally cling to power indefinitely

Mr Hichilema said the international community should not wait until there was bloodshed in the country to begin looking for corrective measures warning that Zambia was on the verge of witnessing the worst form of violence which if not checked would be catastrophic.

Addressing the media at the UPND secretariat yesterday, Hichilema said the events that had beset the country in the last two years demonstrated that President Sata was not incompetent to govern according to the wishes of the people and should therefore resign.

He asked President Sata to immediately disarm his militia and arrest all the known cadres who have been terrorizing and brutalizing opposition political rivals, failure to which he (Hichilema) would have no option but to report the Head of State to the Hague.

“We are calling on the UN, AU, SADC as well as the church and the civil society in Zambia to closely monitor the escalating violence in the country under President Sata and the PF. The international community must not wait until there is bloodshed in the country to begin looking for corrective measures.  We are also asking President Sata to order the arrest of his militia and publicly condemn attempts to eliminate other political leaders. We would like to warn Mr Sata that if he does not stop the violence and disband his militia and have the known people who attempted to assassinate me in Ndola, we will have no option but to report him (Sata) to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity,” Mr Hichilema said.

He warned that if President Sata was not going to stop the violence being perpetrated by the PF cadres and disband the militia that attempted to assassinate him in his party would have no option but to report the President to the International Criminal Court.

Mr Hichilema observed that since President Sata ascended to power in 2011, political violence had escalated with no intervention from the Head of State whom he accused of perpetrating the scourge by allegedly encouraging the ruling party cadres to continue harassing and brutalizing citizens with different views from that of the party in government.

Mr Hichilema said it was frightening that the police had become increasingly brutal, unprofessional, biased and compromised under the PF and that Zambia should now look to the international bodies such as the UN, AU and SADC to help check the political violence that had left the political environment in the country volatile.

He said Zambians should not expect any form of protection from the police from the attacks by the PF cadres warning citizens risked being sold to the militia by the very police which was supposed to protect them.

The UPND leader has also called for calm and peace among his supporters and sympathizers advising them not to fall into the temptation of taking the law into their own hands.

He said Zambians must avoid at all times to return violence with violence even as they were targets and victims of the brutal and savage attacks from the PF militia adding that it was wiser to seek sensible solutions to what he called persistent demonic aggression from the ruling party.

“As we seek leadership of this country, we are clear in our minds that no one can lead a country to development in an environment of instability, violence, and bloodshed which the PF is promoting. The PF should concentrate on reducing the high cost of living, creating genuine jobs and facilitating the delivery of the people driven constitution,” Mr Hichilema said.

3 thoughts on “Violence, Sata must resign

  1. My fellow zambians how do u surely expect normal stability under pf
    with people who cant condemn violence in the drivers seat, u know them very well that they enjoy such kind of behaviour and then people complaining they likes it so much that he even wants to join himself phisically.

  2. Power that has been founded on bloodshed which was sponsored by some newspaper owner and some president, I think thats why there violence and some president thinks its normal because He is not acting! Anyway, What do we expect from someone who had to kill hundreds to paint a president of that time a bad person in order to win 2011! Hichilema Should continue working hard because 2016, is defintly a year He should cosidor prosecutin some people for sponsoring violence and killings!

  3. It will be maturity for the opposition to take the advice of HH and this is how peace can be ‘sown’ in any country threatened with violence. Dr. Kaunda who was supposed to prove that he united this country with much love and care is very silent while his children are killing each other. I though KK would have been the Mandela of Zambia but it seems he is enjoying the ‘films’ himself. If really the president is supporting these thugs, KK was supposed to advise the president and helped him to solve these problems but the big man…. Such activities of targeting opponents would have been very bad if the Lozis did this to the opponents of their secession. The Lozis of old used to ‘kunwanise’ their opponents so smartly that you will realise that someone prominent people were missing after months but I thank the church for having a very big influence on the Lozis hence they are what they are today.That’s why Lozis are mostly reserved and have remained peacefully for many years despite things not being in their favour. Even now the Lozis are still a kind that would not see innocent blood being poured for no apparent reason, therefor let as stop this immediately while there is stlill day light.Since no one was born to condemnation,let us emulate the Lozis. LET US ALL CONDEMN AND STOP VIOLENCE,INSULT,HATRED,AND ANY OTHER VICES THAT MAY BROOD VIOLENCE.

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