Harrington wants judicial review of Masebo Tribunal findings

The Lusaka High Court yesterday granted former Transport minister William Harrington leave to apply for judicial review over the Masebo Tribunal findings.

The application was granted by Lusaka High Court Judge Gertrude Chawatama who was a member of the Masebo Tribunal. She has however recused herself from hearing the matter.

Meanwhile Mr Harrington has appealed to the new Tourism Minister Jean Kapata to reinstate all fired ZAWA officials who were illegally sacked by former Tourism minister Sylvia Masebo.

This was also in view of the fact that the Industrial Relations court has already invalidated their dismissals after it ruled in their favour.

Mr Harrington said that he knew that the appointment of the board was the prerogative of her ministry but  he was making a moral appeal to her office to seriously consider reinstating the  dismissed officials.

Ms Kapata has dissolved the ZAWA board with immediate effect and the minister has thanked the outgoing board for its contributions, adding that  a new board would be appointed in due course.

Ms. Kapata also said that her ministry wass spearheading the review of the policy and legislation on wildlife.

The then minister Ms Masebo announced a nine member ZAWA board which was led by commercial farmer Guy Robinson.

Others who were on the dissolved board were PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta, Timothy Mushibwe, Tourism PS Charity Mwansa, Ministry of Finance Economist Chasiya Kazembe, Anita Poleti, Chieftainess Mwape from Petauke and Yonas Mita.

Media reports elsewhere have revealed more scandals at the troubled ZAWA where a top official is reported to have paid himself a huge gratuity before his contract comes to an end.

A source from within the Ministry of Tourism disclosed that the official’s contract was expected to expire on April 21, but has already paid himself the gratuity.