Police caution public over Easter Holiday

The Zambia Police have warned against lawlessness during the long Easter weekend and have advised members of the public to take extra care on the roads.

In a statement, deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said there were enough officers deployed to maintain law and order all over the country to ensure a peaceful weekend.

“Those who would like to take advantage of the holiday to break the law will be brought to book and made to account for their actions in the courts of law.We shall also mount road snap checks and patrols both foot and motorised, in order to control and monitor the flow of traffic as a means of curbing road traffic accidents during this period,” he said.Mr Hamoonga has cautioned against unnecessary inter town trips in an effort to reduce road traffic accidents on the roads, and has called on those holding family parties to notify the police in their neighbourhoods.A 40 year old man identified as Ian Chilando of Chibolya was burnt on Wednesday around 01:05hrs when his house caught fire.

“The deceased’s brother, Misheck Daka, 37 reported that the house caught fire whilst his brother was asleep. It is further alleged that the fire was caused by a cigarette,” he said.

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