Sata alienated from the people-Nevers

PF cabinet ministers have abandoned and successfully alienated President Michael Sata from the people, says opposition MMD president Nevers Mumba.

Dr Mumba said in the interest of the nation, President Sata should quickly convene an “Insaka” with stakeholders to discuss divisive issues as a family of Zambians.

In his letter to the Head of State, Dr Mumba said the ministers had abandoned President Sata by not advising him on how to avoid drowning the nation in unsustainable debt and how not to turn the police service into a brutal force against his political opponents.

He said the PF mandate to govern had passed the halfway mark and that it had now become necessary for the Zambian people to demand higher levels of accountability from President Sata and his ministers.

Dr Mumba observed that Zambia’s financial fortunes have dwindled at an alarming rate since the PF took over government in 2011.

He said the anticipated national debt at the end of 2014 stood at $11 billion and that this was the  sum total of the current debt stock of $4.5 billion (inclusive of the recently contracted $1 billion bond).

The MMD leader said the domestic debt stood at $3.5 billion and the monthly borrowing from the domestic market which was growing at a rate of 1.5 billion kwacha a month.

“This translates to $1 billion dollars every four months). All this careless borrowing has been done in three years of PF in government as compared to the $7 billion contracted by the UNIP and the MMD governments over a period of 35 years from 1971 to 2006.

“Your Minister of Finance has alienated you from all forward looking Zambians who understand the damage your government is causing to the economy.  All this at an exorbitant interest rate of 8 percent in regard to international debt and 17 percent in respect of domestic debt,” he said. Dr Mumba charged that this was unacceptable given the fact that other countries were borrowing at less than three or two percent on the international market and the MMD borrowed at less than nine percent on the domestic market.

The opposition leader also charged that the Minister of Home affairs had failed to advise the president how to respect human rights of Zambians and the continued use of police to stop opposition parties from holding meetings or travelling freely in the nation.

“He has failed to advise you from using your PF cadres as instruments of violence against your perceived political opponents.  Recently, the MMD, UPND and ABZ Leaders have all suffered at the hands of unruly and armed PF cadres.  There has been no statement from State House condemning these acts.

Your Minister of Home Affairs has failed you and has by so doing made you, Mr. President a candidate for Hague,” Dr Mumba charged.

Dr. Mumba further said President Sata was abandoned into alienation by his Justice Minister who had failed to advise him to remain true to the promise he made to the Zambian people to deliver a people driven constitution within 90 days of forming government.