Solve differences constructively, MMD told

Opposition MMD leaders have been advised to debate their differences constructively to prevent the party from disintegrating.

Copperbelt provincial publicity secretary Yotam Mtayachalo said it was sad the some party members had taken serious issues facing the party personally by attacking each other.

Mr Mtayachalo said it was unfortunate that junior members of the party had taken advantage of the differences to start issuing disparaging remarks against senior members.

He said the party’s top cream was supposed to make sure that their differences were dealt within the party senior ranks without involving non-members of the National Executive Committee (NEC).

He said the behavior exhibited by the senior members of the party was not inspiring to the ordinary members and advised them to sort out the differences within the house.

Mr Mtayachalo cautioned senior members that were encouraging juniors to attack individuals to cease from doing so, but rather to encourage the two factions to end their differences and work together for a common goal.

“It is very sad that our senior members are allowing junior members to make attacks in the press. This behavior should be condemned by all MMD members because it is not a culture that MMD is known for.

“We expected our leaders to be taking stock of the party structures so that we know if the structures were intact as they were before. This is very important information that would help the party know exactly where it stands. As a party we do not have time for fighting as 2016 is near and this is the time to start mobilizing that party on the ground,” he said.

He reminded party members that there was nothing wrong with calling for an extra ordinary convention as this would help the party resolve all outstanding issues.

He said that such a convention was not only meant to remove the president out of office but should be an opportunity to strategize and come up with a road map for the party.Mr Mtayachalo warned that if the calls for an extra ordinary convention were viewed in a wrong way, the party would remain stagnant and members might think of defecting to other political parties.

“MMD president Never Mumba cannot realise his dream without the extra ordinary convention as it will guide him on how best to lead the party. If we are not going to think about this critically the MMD will perform poorly in 2016,” he said