Cage unruly PF cadres-Changala

Threats by the Patriotic Front cadres to attack State institutions and other private citizens because they are not exited over the ruling party ideas has gone overboard, says civil rights activists Brebner Changala.

Mr Changala said the current situation where even senior government officials were calling for attacks against innocent citizens demanded an immediate reaction from the law enforcement agencies in the country.

He said recent threats by PF cadres to attack the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Agency (ZICTA), and some private media institutions and their intentions to track down citizens contributing to online media, was a criminal act which should not be allowed to go unpunished.

“Lusaka Province PF chairman Geoffrey Chuumbwe and his Copperbelt counterpart Stardy Mwale even held a press briefing to hurl threats at government institutions and the media, why? Because they suspect the institutions were (in their own words) failing to protect the President and the PF government,” he said.

Mr Changala said it was unfortunate that the cadres had gone further to threaten to ‘sort  out’ private citizens who subscribed and contributed comments to online media sites like the Zambian Watchdog, Zambia Reports, Lusaka Times and others. He said Zambia was a democracy which allowed for free speech, the right to communicate and the right to assemble, which unfortunately were being threatened by the ruling PF cadres.

“They must stop this anarchy forthwith; there is a lot of criminal activity and inertia by the current government which is being swept under the carpet.

“I appeal to the government to unblock online media sites which have been blocked like the Zambian Watchdog, Zambia Reports, etc, and the rest will regulate themselves,” he said.

Mr Changala charged that because of the current poor information distribution by government media and some compromised private media, Zambians have chosen to go online for vibrant and dynamic information.