Crisis of expectation has eroded electorate confidence in PF


Zambians are demanding for a change of government because of the crisis of expectation, says former MMD Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa.

Mr. Mulusa explained that the leadership had failed to meet important conditions and responsibilities just like the PF government had done.

He said that although there was a general misunderstanding about a failed state being a country at war, in a democracy like Zambia a failed government was understood as a government that had failed to inspire the people just like the PF.

Mr. Mulusa observed that President Sata was running a failed state because of its poor policy formulation and lack of foresight for governance and respect of the rule of law at all levels.

“And this is a typical characteristic of the PF government. This is a failed state, they have failed to fight corruption within the executive, they have compromised the judiciary which has in the end failed to inspire confidence from the people and we also have a compromised legislature,” said Mr. Mulusa.

He said that Zambia was lucky that it was not at war because of the peace loving citizenry whose upbringing could not support violence a trend the PF government was slowly introducing in the nation through allowing party cadres to wield pangas and other dangerous weapons.

Mr. Mulusa also observed that the rate at which the PF were sliding the country into huge debt pointed at running a failed state.

The rate at which we are contracting huge foreign debts, we are sliding the nation into serious huge debts which is one of the characteristics of a failed government and state. I am shocked that leaders in the PF are happy taking the country into huge debts,” said Mr. Mulusa.

He pointed out that the rate at which debts were accumulating for purposes which were not productive and adding value to the economic and social governance of the people was typical of a failed leadership, a route the PF had taken.

Mr. Mulusa said that a failed state was the one which strives and thrives on patronage just like the PF and its leadership were doing by giving contracts to cadres who did not have the capacity to execute the work.

“Look at how serious patronage is in the PF. We have seen road contracts being given to party cadres, relatives to the powers that be when they don’t even have the capacity to construct a road and when they fail, they sell the contracts to Chinese contractors who have the capacity to do the job,” he said.

He also observed that the violence which has engulfed the country perpetuated by the PF cadres pointed out at a failed state under a failed and scared leadership.

“One strange thing about failed states, a certain citizenry is excluded from participating in the governance of the country. They are not given an opportunity to participate in the economic and social development of a nation just simply because they don’t belong to a particular ruling party and this is what the PF has adopted. No wonder I am saying is that the PF is a failed state,” said the outspoken former parliamentarian.

He said that leaders superintending on failed states have always appointed or given jobs to people who were directly or indirectly related to them just like President Sata was doing.

“We see him (President Sata) every other day swearing in persons who were either directly or indirectly related to the first family and to him and in some cases both a husband and a wife appointed to run two different missions as if the country had no capable people to hold such positions,” he said.

He further said that there was enough evidence suggesting that Zambia was a failed state looking at how the current leadership had failed to account to the people’s demands over the constitution.

“Inability to provide public services and inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community.

All these are common characteristics of a failing state which includes a central government non-provision of public services; widespread corruption and criminality; and sharp economic decline. These are the things this nation is experiencing now.”

He said that it was not true that a failed state comes a

bout as a result of a collapsed government through unorthodox means but that even running a government on failed policies, the regime fails.