Disappearance of constitution worries OYV

The disappearance of the final draft constitution is a matter of great concern to the nation, says Operation Young Vote (OYV) executive director, Guess Nyirenda.

Mr Nyirenda said that Zambia was faced with a leadership that could allow colossal sums of money to be wasted in the drafting of the constitution which was now ‘lost’.

He said that it was shocking that government had failed to locate the draft constitution after it told technical committee to conclude its work and vacate the secretariat offices.

Mr Nyirenda said it appeared that the PF government was not ready to deliver the new Constitution because of its changing statements over the matter.

He said that the government must give assurance to Zambians by clearly stating where the document was, because keeping quiet would imply that there was something “fishy” behind it.

“You wonder who this government is leading because ever since the regime came into power, nothing has worked for the benefit of Zambians, what we hear are contradictory statements that show that PF will never be serious with what it is doing,” he said.

He said it was regrettable that stakeholders were busy talking about the whereabouts of the constitution instead of making progress on the matter. They should not forget that the huge resources belonging to Zambians were wasted on the process. Mr Nyirenda said that if the PF government was ready to rule Zambia, it couldn’t have wasted tax payers money on things it knew would not be fulfilled, adding that the cry of Zambians was to have a constitution that would protect their rights.

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