Drop all charges against RB

As a gesture of peace, reconciliation and national healing President Michel Sata has been urged to heed the reconciliatory and ecclesiastical advice from Father Charles Chilinda and Father John Mwewa of St Ignatius Parish and drop all the corruption charges against former president Rupiah Banda because in the same way that he negated cases that were on appeal in the High Court by some Patriotic Front cadres, Civil Rights activist Brebner Changala has said.

The court process, he said, was different and distinct from the political action he would take to bring closure, peace and national harmony.

Mr Changala said it was clear that president Banda who had been slandered and abused by the cartel was being persecuted so that his presidency and political contribution could be vaporized from the country’s history.

He said Zambians were divided and tensed partly because of the perception that president Banda was being persecuted by the Government on matters coming from a group  of individuals who had never been elected but had more powers than cabinet and could therefore prevail on Government to prosecute him.

The general perception was that RB was facing charges that were also politically instigated by a cartel belonging to a fraternity of evil individuals with perverse hatred against the former head of state, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has said.

These people, he said, wielded tremendous power over Government.

“It is not a secret that there are powerful people who hate President Rupiah Banda .They would want him prosecuted to the very end.” He said.

He cited late South African President Nelson Mandela who in the interest of political and national unity negated serious charges including murder and other heinous offences committed by the apartheid regime against the black population.

“He took a brave political decision to stem what would have been technical cases before courts of law because he realized the importance of peace, dialogue and reconciliation. “He said.

Mr Changala said the country would be on a healing path if President Sata could consider dropping the corruption charges against president Banda and reinstate his immunity and shame the cartel whose desire was to ensure the former president was convicted.

Mr Changala said the cartel had abused the name of President Sata and that time had come for the Head of State to disassociate himself from the group that was holding him hostage.

He said President Sata should reclaim his presidential authority and mandate given to him by Zambians by decreeing that the corruption charges against president Banda should completely be dropped so that the country could start the process of healing.Mr Changala observed that president Banda had been a humble and loyal citizen who had complied with the law enforcement agencies even when it was crystal clear that the corruption charges he was facing were politically motivated.

“I appeal to President Sata to immediately drop all the charges against president and disassociate himself from this evil group as a way of uniting and reconciling the nation,” Mr Changala said.Mr Changala has also appealed to President Sata to quarantine all the Patriotic Front thugs who have been causing terror in the country while the police have been watching.

He said President Sata should dismiss Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani along with her deputy Solomon Jere because the duo had completely failed to manage the police force which he said had been turned into an instrument of oppression.“The country needs urgent healing and reconciliation. We have a small group of unelected individuals who have divided the country on partisan lines and they assume more powers than cabinet.

President Sata must quarantine the PF thugs that have been causing terror in the country and he must remove Libongni  and her deputy Jere for turning the police force into an extension of the PF branch and an instrument of oppression,’ Mr Changala said.

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  1. Everything has time, it will happen that the very peolpe atangoniseing former president will also follow suite very soon than later. just waite for time .gk

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