I am MMD-Chituwo

MMD vice president Dr Brian Chituwo says calls for him to join the ruling Patriotic Front are misplaced as he is very comfortable in the opposition and as a member of his party.

Dr Chituwo, who is vice president for administration, said calls that he should join the ruling party were undermining the role of the opposition in a growing democracy like Zambia. He said Commerce Minister Bob Sichinga was offside to claim that unless one belonged to the opposition, there would be no meaningful development in the areas they represented.

“The opposition has a role to play in any democracy and for him (Sichinga) to say he wants me to join the ruling party was misplaced and against the tenets of democracy.

“We do not all need to belong to the ruling party,” he said.

Mr Sichinga was in the media calling on the people of Mumbwa to persuade Dr Chituwo, who is area Member of Parliament, to join the PF in 2016 because it was the only party that would deliver development to the people.

Mr Sichinga was in the district to flag off value chain cotton clusters for the local farmers.

But Dr Chituwo said it was unfortunate that the Minister had decided to take to cheap politics at a forum meant for national development.

“He has had many opportunities where he could have talked to me about politics other than the ginnery clusters, but I am surprised that he talked about politics at that forum.

“Anyway, we have our own level of contribution to government. As the opposition we have responsibility to provide checks and balances, and I am very comfortable with this role,” he said.

He charged that such calls only exposed Mr Sichinga’s lack of recognition of the role that the opposition played in democracy.