MMD is not a violent party

The MMD is a party of intellectuals who cannot become hoodlums with machetes attacking innocent citizens like those from the Patriotic Front, says party die hard youth leader Bowman Lusambo.

Mr Lusambo said the former ruling party would never involve itself in politics of destruction that was common among PF cadres who have taken to physical attacks on opposition political parties.

Mr Lusambo said he was amazed at the allegations from Copperbelt PF chairman Stardy Mwale that opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was attacked by MMD cadres.

“We have no reason to attack anyone, let alone a political ally.

Ours are issue based arguments on the failed PF economic policies, the high fuel prices and mealie meal prices, not lower ourselves to using ‘pangamonium’,” he said.

He explained that Mr Mwale was known for his violent behavior from the time he was in the MMD, which was why the party refused to adopt him due to his lack of good leadership qualities.

Mr Lusambo charged that Mwale should be denouncing the violent acts perpetrated by his own party members if he was a good leader, but that his outburst simply showed his lack of vision for party.

He charged that the MMD was a party of intellectuals who can never be involved in physical violence.

He said even their own Home Affairs deputy Minister Stephen Kampyongo was on record denouncing the PF attacks on Hichilema, and it was surprising that he (Mwale) was now accusing the MMD of the violence perpetrated by his party.

“As a leader he should be thinking of coming up with a solution to the violence that has besieged his party cadres, and not start pointing accusing fingers at innocent people.

We in the MMD can never support violence because we know that it breeds anarchy and that is not what we would want for our country.

We are left to wonder what kind of leadership he offers to the PF as provincial chairman when he has failed to talk about the high unemployment on the Copperbelt,” he said.

Mr Lusambo called on Mr Mwale to concentrate on calling on his own party leadership to address national matters like the poor health care services, the high unemployment levels among the young people and the violence by the PF because as MMD, “We brought democracy in Zambia, and we would not want to encourage lawlessness among the people.”

Mr Mwale has accused the MMD of having orchestrated the recent attacks on the UPND leader Hichilema and his Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) counterpart Frank Bwalya on the Coperbelt.

Mr Mwale recently issued threats to lock up public institutions and attack individuals said to be opposed to the ruling party ideals.

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  1. MMD yes indeed its for interleactures as its leader nevers mumba peacefull minded nd brave warrior who does not fear a wrong, but to correct it thats his policy, so you dont expect the followers to do
    opposite , like dora siliya nd her counter parts, with dr mumba its diffirent story, bcos the word also controlls him strongly.A trude

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