Moment of epiphany

In this Easter season it is important to remember that Christianity is not a doctrine, it is a way of life. It teaches God’s redemptive love that should be reflected by our own dispensation of love, empathy and compassion for others.

 A symbol of forgiveness is best exemplified by Jesus Christ who forgave the woman caught in adultery. It is a story that shows God’s mercy towards sinners.

Nelson Mandela’s legacy will be incomplete without his big heart. He understood and appreciated that the human spirit binds humanity. He believed in Ubuntu the common but invisible that results in the oneness of humanity which compels us to care and show compassion to one another.

It was from this understanding that he was prepared to forgive those that committed grave and serious sins against the black people including murder, injustice and social alienation.

Through his actions, which went counter to common expectation, Mandela showed that the world can be defined not by differences but can live together with common values of hope, love and empathy.

More importantly he showed that society can live by common hope in a world that is defined not by conflict but by peace and justice.

The questions we face today, he said, was how to promote equality and justice how to uphold freedom and human rights; and how to end conflict and sectarianism.

That challenge rings true to Zambia as it did to South Africa.

There is no doubt that this Government has taken on, or inherited divisive issues  created and perpetuated by a cartel that has spared no effort in  presenting itself as the epitome of righteousness.

  These are the scribes and pharisees that Christ referred to as he wrote on the ground, asking them to throw the first stone if they had no sin.  Although we do not know what Jesus wrote on the ground there is biblical speculation that he wrote some form of condemnation addressed towards them.  Perhaps Jesus even knew them to be guilty of the very offense they were accusing the woman of.

Jesus knew the woman had sinned but did not instigate stoning, and as it turned out none of the accusers wanted to take that responsibility because they were heavy laden and as the scriptures say the eldest accusers were the first to leave because they recognized that they had more sins and could not therefore be the first ones to cast stones.

The situation is different in Zambia where thieves and forgers do not only throw stones but are in the forefront of instigating the charge against innocent people.

It is for this reason that a very clear and defined split occurred within the MMD when President Mwanwasa adopted the cartel fight, against his better judgement.  This was almost resolved under fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda, but has continued now under the Patriotic Front.

Time has come for the patriotic front government to show leadership by jettisoning the malicious and evil schemes the cartel has wrought on innocent citizens because this group is dangerous and will have no qualms indicting and persecuting those in leadership today.