PF youths denounce Chumbwe

Patriotic Front (PF) youths in Lusaka have continued denouncing their provincial chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe for allegedly scheming to impose his friend and ally, Goodson Banda as the party’s district vice secretary, the position he relinquished to aspire for the position of district chairman.

In a statement signed by former Lusaka district vice chairman Julius Komaki, the youths have appealed to the central committee leadership to stop Mr Chumbwe from imposing Mr Banda who was defeated by Mulenga Sata at the district conference about two months ago.

Mr Komaki has accused the PF Provincial chairman of working at establishing parallel party structures in the party and has asked the central committee to deal with the matter or the youths would revert to their public demonstrations.

Mr Komaki said it was clear that Mr Chumbwe was scheming to bring back Mr Banda to the Mulenga Sata led executive so that they could frustrate him (Mulenga) so that he could fail to work and mobilise the party.

“We as PF youths in Lusaka are disheartened by the move made by the so called appointed Provincial chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe to bring back his friend and ally Goodson Banda into the Mulenga Sata led executive as vice secretary through the back door. Mr Banda relinquished his position when he contested the position of chairman which he lost. Mr Banda has no position in the district and Mr Chumbwe is deliberately misinforming the general membership so that he can sneak in his friend who has been roundly rejected in the party,” Komaki said.

Mr Komaki said Mr Chimbwe was allegedly parroting the position of some central committee members who were scheming to take over the leadership of the PF for the 2016 general elections.

Mr Komaki said it was unfortunate that Mr Chumbwe and his team were planning to frustrate Mulenga so that they could have a reason to petition his removal from the district office.

Mr Komaki said Mulenga Sata had performed exceptionally since he took over the leadership at the district and that the party was doing well as many members had gained confidence that the ruling party would be able to deliver in 2016.

He explained that Mr Chumbwe had never defended President Sata from the many attacks from opposition political parties because he (Chumbwe) was allegedly promoting his own candidate.

He said President Sata had embarked on massive economic infrastructure programmes which the provincial chairman and some named senior central committee members were not telling Zambians about.

“If Mr Chumbwe meant well for the party, he would have been defending the President. But he has left this job to civil servants such as the President press aide to defend the political attacks against the Head of State. As youths, we will remain the eyes of the party to provide internal checks and balances by protecting the party’s constitution and the President as well as our district chairman Mulenga Sata. We want to warn those who are trying to frustrate the achievements we have so far recorded by bringing confusion in the party,” Komaki said.