… as thieves break into Zambian Voice offices

Thieves on Monday broke into Zambian Voice offices and stole three computers and a camera.

Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali confirmed the burglary at their office premises in Vila Elizabetha in Lusaka.


Mr Tayali last year applied to join the case in which Zambian Airways Director have refused to pay back K14 billion they obtained from the Development Bank of Zambia.


He said the matter was reported to Emmasdale Police Station and one person was picked up by the police.


“What is interesting to note that this is the first burglary on our premises which houses a number of organisations mostly law firms. It is the same place where the current National Assembly Speaker Dr Patrick Matibini had his offices,” he said. He expressed shock at the burglary which seemed selective as only those computers with a lot of data about the organisation were stolen leaving five computers untouched, saying “one of the computers taken was full of information about the organisation, and we’re literally handicapped except for some hard copies of a few hard files kept in the office.”

He explained that two desktop computers and a laptop were stolen in the burglary, including a high value camera and 21mm lens used in commercial photography.

“Yesterday, we gave a comment against the crime alert message issued by the American Embassy. Zambian Voice did not agree with the statement by the US Embassy, and in spite of this incidence, we still believe crime and violence is being exaggerated,” he said.


He said Zambian Voice had enough confidence in the police investigations and was hopeful there should be information about the robbery.

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  1. Purely exagarated burgulary by some top gorvenment officials ,nd if police will not be interfeared they will come up with something i too trust nd belive in our police investigative systerm,unless where they have been used to, otherwise they ar good if given time they will definatly do it
    the same originally our police ar good especialy given apple time to work without pushing them around they ar good..gk

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