NAREP condemns constitution impasse

It is immoral to start debating a constitution that is ‘lost’ and possibly privy to a few, says national secretary for National Restoration Party (NAREP) Reverend Jevan Kamanga has charged.

Rev Kamanga said that he was saddened by certain groups of people who were trying to open up discussions on the articles or clauses in the draft constitution which was not there.

“What we know is that the processes of submitting and adopting the items in the draft constitution were open to all citizens of this country regardless of their background, but we are wondering why the few are privy to the document before it is released to the public,” he said.

Rev Kamanga said it appeared that the ‘lost’ Constitution that was supposed to be submitted to President Sata and the public simultaneously had finally landed in the hands of some people.

He  said that the Grand Coalition had no intention of opening  up a debate on the clauses, but to make sure the government immediately released the final draft to the public who were the beneficiaries.

He said that it was unpatriotic for individuals to try and open up a debate on the Constitution when was in its final draft stage.

Meanwhile Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) overseer Bishop David Masupa said the step taken by the Grand Coalition to petition President Sata for a summit on the constitution making process was a right way to go.He said that a lot of resources had been wasted and now was the time to hear what the president would say on the issue.

“The position taken by the opposition through the Grand Coalition is the only way forward and we want the State to act and speed up the process because a lot have been said over the constitution,’ he said,

The clergyman said only the President’s address that would give confidence to the people of Zambia, adding that discussing such issues in a peaceful setting was the core of democracy.

The Grand Coalition on the Constitution has appealed to State House to expedite the process of ensuring that President Michael Sata met all the stakeholders to chart the way forward.Due to the gravity of the constitution issue, the consortium of opposition party leaders, wrote President Sata asking him to chair a meeting of all stakeholders on constitution.

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