…as Lusambo denies plans to beat up NEC members

MMD die hard youth leader Bowman Lusambo has vehemently refuted allegations that he plans to beat up National Executive Committee (NEC) members opposing party president Dr Nevers Mumba, saying that he is a believer of democracy and respects other people’s opinions.

Mr Lusambo said he would actually be out of town on the said dates and wondered how he would be able to lead an attack in absentia.

“It is not true, why would I involve myself in such acts of violence?  I believe in democracy and I personally would not involve myself in such unprogressive behavior,” he said.

Recent media reports suggested that Mr Lusambo and his team planned to beat up NEC members during its meeting scheduled for Sunday April 27 in Lusaka.

But Mr Lusambo denied the allegation which he said was meant to tarnish his image because he was an intellectual and that his team was not known for violence.

Earlier MMD vice president for politics Dr Michael Kaingu, who is Mwandi Member of Parliament, accused Mr Lusambo of planning to lead an attack on NEC members perceived to be against Dr Mumba’s leadership at the weekend meet.

Dr Kaingu has since reported the matter to Lusaka Central Police, as he continued to denounce the proposed NEC meeting against taking place on Sunday.