Break away party wants non-Bemba president

Non Bemba Central Committee Members in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) have vowed not to support calls by some individuals in the breakaway camp to have another Bemba take over the PF leadership.

According to officials who met on Thursday night in State Lodge area, they have vowed not to allow Bembas to dominate the PF leadership.

One of the officials who attended the meeting which was called to iron out and share the aspirations for a new PF 2016, resolved to support any person from any region apart from the Bemba land.

“This is a planning meeting we are holding and we want to look beyond 2016 because the PF in its current form is not inspiring at all cost. We need to move on and to start preparing for the general elections in 2016 and our main agenda will be made known to the public after some meeting we are yet to hold on Saturday,” said an official.

The official said that the meeting had resolved among other things to adopt an interim president who should not haIL from the Bemba region because the current and failed leadership was from the Bemba region.

“This is tactical and we are looking at someone in the PF and outside as well as from all regions apart from Luapula, Northern Province and Muchinga. We want someone from Western, North-Western, Central or Southern Provinces to take the lead in the search for leadership in the breakaway PF,” said the official.

The official said that most members in the PF were unhappy with President Sata’s silence on critical issues in the governance of the nation and the party stating that they have looked for an alternative.

The official said that it was important that President Sata should be made aware of the action being taken by some of his members of the central committee.

“Sata deserves to know the truth that Zambians are bitter and unhappy because he has made life unpleasant and the most difficult experience for many Zambians in the last 2 and half years he has been in office. He has made the party unpopular. The PF is not President Sata and his friends alone. We have officials in provinces who have endorsed our action and it is soon we shall come out in public,” the official said.

“I want to outline one programme, in the next few days after the long weekend we undertake a trip to Eastern Province where we shall meet officials at lower organs. This is in order to mobilize; we want PF officials, the very people who voted for the PF to tell us the next route.

We shall tell them what we have in our hands and we shall also listen to what they have to say about this whole movement. Our main aim is to revive and put in place a responsible government and leadership which will represent the people. We don’t want the current scenario were on the first family is benefiting and those close to the first family,” said the official.


The officials said that it was said that President Sata had allowed a corrupt clique of powerful individuals to misguide and dup him to believe that he was still popular.

3 thoughts on “Break away party wants non-Bemba president

  1. Anyone recall the story “Who will bell the cat?” in this scenario it is appropriate to ask who will be brave enough among the plotters to face Sata and tell him they are unhappy with his style of leadership?

  2. As long as Kabimba cunningly sings fake praises of President Sata, there is a rotten big rat smelling along the PF corridors. Kabimba has been linked to the formation of an underground Party whose objectives is to create a Federal system in Zambia.

  3. Just join any other party where you will not find bemba people may be that will work for not pf , this party was started by one man whom you call bemba mind you saki has a party so does magande and more others

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