Harrington queries DMMU over hired chopper for Chieftainess Nabwalya

Former Transport Minister William Harrington has written to the office of the national coordinator of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to enquire if it hired the helicopter to ferry Chief Nabwalya to Lusaka.

According to sources at the Vice President’s office, a letter by Mr Harrington which was also copied to Vice President Dr Guy Scott, it was revealed that DMMU paid for the chopper which was used for transport for the chief.

The letter was written to the DMMU coordinator about a month ago and Mr Harrington wanted to know if it was true that the DMMU had hired  the helicopter to fly Chieftainess Nabwalya to Lusaka to testify as a witness in the tribunal that was constituted to investigate Ms Masebo.

And when contacted for a comment, Mr Harrington could neither deny nor confirm that he had written a letter to inquire about who had transported the Chieftainess to Lusaka from her palace.

Chieftainess Nabwalya was among several Chiefs who were brought to Lusaka to testify in favour of Ms Masebo .

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  1. One man army Harrington I salute you! This is what checks and balances should be doing for mother Zambia!

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