MMD NEC meeting set for tomorrow

The highly anticipated MMD national executive committee meeting which was scheduled to take place today has been postponed to Sunday and the two warring camps have agreed to meet and resolve their differences.

The meeting has been pushed to Sunday because of the national mourning in honour of legendary soccer commentator Denis Liwewe who will be interred today at Memorial Park.

And the group agitating for the removal of Dr Nevers Mumba as MMD president yesterday claimed that six provinces have petitioned the national executive committee to call for an impromptu convention to elect a new leadership in preparation for the 2016 general elections.

But Dr Mumba has charged that it was nonsensical for the group calling for an impromptu convention to claim that they had received six petitions and that NEC should therefore dissolve itself to pave way for a national conference.

Speaking through his director of communications Muhabi Lungu, Dr Mumba said it was not true that those who had revolted against him had received genuine petitions from the membership because according to him, nine provinces had rejected calls for a convention.

At a media briefing attended by MMD vice-president for political affairs Michael Kaingu, his counterpart for administration Brian Chituwo, Dora Siliya, Kenneth Chipungu, Situmbeko Musokotwane, Elija Muchima, Lucky MulusaMushili Mala and Chembe Nyangu, it was revealed that six provinces have petitioned NEC to hold an impromptu convention meant to change the leadership of the party.

Dr Chituwo said that assertions by Dr Mumba that those agitating for a convention had failed to marshal the support of the people were a misrepresentation of facts because Western, North Western, Luapula, Muchinga, Central and Eastern Provinces had petitioned NEC to call for a convention because the current leadership had completely failed to manage the former ruling party.

Dr Chituwo said it had become evidently clear that the current MMD leadership had completely failed to manage the party and therefore necessary that a new breed of leadership was elected in preparation for 2016 general elections.

He said the MMD in its current state risked becoming extinct before 2016 and it was therefore urgent that the challenged were resolved as soon as possible.

He said the general membership of the MMD was angry with the under-performance of the former ruling party and had called on the leadership to dissolve itself so that a new and visionary leader could be elected.

“About four weeks ago, we challenged the MMD provincial executive committees to follow the party’s constitution in calling for an impromptu convention. And according to our constitution, it only needs a third of the provincial executive committee to force NEC to call for a convention. I wish to report that we have since received six petitions from North Western, Western, Luapula, Muchinga, Central and Eastern Provinces. This is far above the dictated one third and we are handing over the petitions to the acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu who will in turn present them to the chairman of the party, Kabinga Pande who is out of the country,” Dr Chituwo said.

And Dr Chtuwo has threatened to take leagal action against Chembe Member of Parliament Mwansa Mbulakulima for allegedly accusing him (Dr Chituwo) and former Petauke Central MP Dora Siliya that they were sponsored by State House to cause confusion in the party.

Dr Chituwo said at no time did he and Ms Siliya been State House on a clandestine mission of receiving K50 000 each to cause the impeachment of Dr Mumba.

But Dr Mumba said receiving petitions did not warrant the dissolution of NEC because it was the same executive that had the mandate to authenticate the petitions.Dr Mumba said it was likely that Dr Chituwo and the group had faked the petitions adding that it was the duty of NEC to determine whether the petitioners had followed the laid down procedure in calling for a convention.

“It is nonsensical for Dr Chituwo and the group to claim that receiving petitions would automatically render NEC dysfunctional. It is highly likely that the petitions are fake and it is NEC that has the mandate to authenticate these petitions. NEC has to determine whether the petitions followed the procedure and it would also have to determine the ground for the impeachment of the president. The behavior of this group is to injure the party and let them know that we have an elected president and nine provinces have rejected the calls for a convention,” Dr Mumba said.