Nevers appeals to NEC members

MMD President Nevers Mumba has appealed to all the NEC members to turn out in numbers for Sunday’s meeting to assist the party resolve issues causing wrangles in the former ruling party.

Dr Mumba said NEC members must respect the party constitution, the rules and regulation in a manner which befitted the party.

“It should be to our attention that all will behave in a manner befitting of an institutionalized party that has served in government for 20 years.

“No one is going to be ambushed or prevented from attending the meeting and the general party members and cadres should allow their leaders to hold a fruitful meeting that will see the party fulfil its mandate of providing checks and balances and eventually be in contention for the coming by-elections and general election,” Dr Mumba said.

He said six weeks ago NEC members convened a meeting which discussed a number of issues relating to general party organisation.

“At the meeting, it was agreed that that the position of the National Secretary needed to be filled in substantively,” Dr Mumba explained. He said it was unanimously agreed that an opportunity should be given to the general membership of the party to apply for this position so as to allow for an open and transparent election by NEC within 21 days.

“It is keeping in conformity with our own resolution that a meeting of NEC has now been convened for Sunday, April 27 at 1400hrs at Kapingila House in Kabulonga,” Dr Mumba said.

He explained that sufficient consultation was done in setting the date and everybody had been informed formally for the meeting.

“As already indicated, the agenda is the same as this is merely a continuation or a resumption of an adjourned meeting,” Dr Mumba said. He said MMD expected the primary addenda item to conduct the election of a National Secretary and conclude on other matter such as the strategic plan which will be presented for consideration.