PF has effectively de-campaigned itself-Oasis Forum

The Patriotic Front (PF) has effectively de-campaigned itself by arrogantly frustrating and refusing to give Zambians a people driven constitution and for promoting violence against citizens, the Oasis Forum has charged.

Oasis Forum spokesperson Father Cleophus Lungu the ruling party had disappointed Zambians in more ways than just one and that they face the hostility of citizens in 2016 because of their lack of respect for human rights and abuse of power.

Fr Lungu who is the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) president said President Michael Sata and the PF government may succeed in butchering the draft constitution and burying it but that the document would not be contained in the tomb because it was the voice of the people.

Speaking on Radio Phoenix Let the people talk programme on Thursday, Fr Lungu said the PF may succeed to bully, insult, threaten and kill citizens over the constitution but Zambians will have a date with them in 2016.

He said the constitution making process had been frustrated because the people in power were scared of clauses such as the 50+1 percent majority vote for a presidential winner, the presidential running mate and the appointment of cabinet outside Parliament.

Fr Lungu observed that the PF had cultivated an ugly culture of violence and that it had become official for the ruling cadres to roam the streets freely wielding pangas, guns and other dangerous weapons.

He said it was disheartening that the democratic space in Zambia had been thinning since the ascendance of the President Sata to the presidency and advised the government to abandon their intolerant and vengeful attitude because the vices had left the country highly tensed and divided.

Fr Lungu said the voice of the people was the voice of God and that the PF was ignoring the people at its own peril as their day of reckoning would come sooner than they would expect it.

He explained that the PF cadres had been allowed by their leaders to adopt a criminal mind and that was the reason they had the audacity of attacking citizens and the clergy in sacred places like the church.

“The PF has chosen to de-campaign itself effectively by arrogantly frustrating and refusing to give Zambians a people driven constitution. They have chosen violence and have been bullying, insulting and threatening the lives of opposition political party leaders. They may butcher the draft constitution and burry it now. But let them know that it shall not be contained in their tomb and shall certainly come out. Many Zambians are angry that the PF cadres can freely move with pangas, guns and other dangerous weapons attacking people even in sacred places such as the church. But we are not afraid and we shall continue yapping. We want a new constitution as soon as yesterday,” Fr Lungu said.

He said it was regrettable that President Sata had a propensity of calling individual citizens and threatening them with unspecified consequences stating that worrying that Chipata Diocesepriest Bishop George Lungu jad become a victim of threats and intimidation by the Head of State.

Fr Lungu said Zambia had lost a lot of years struggling to come up with a constitution stating that the failure to have a new constitution in the last 50 years had been the biggest failure for which Zambians had the cause to boycott the celebrations of the country’s Golden independence jubilee.

And Bishop John Mamba said the constitution Indaba being called for would be a waste of time if the agenda was not inclusive of all stakeholders.

Bishop Mamba said it was unreasonable for government to claim that it did not know the whereabouts of the draft constitution when the Technical Committee had handed over the document to the Ministry of Justice.

Meanwhile political activist Dante Saunders has condemned the continued violence the country has witnessed under President Sata.

“You can kill Hakainde Hichilema, Father Frank Bwalya, Elias Chipimo or Nevers Mumba but make no mistake; someone else will rise and continue with the battle of liberating Zambia from the PF. And that we must apply to PF cadres each time we want to exercise our rights of holding meetings is totally unacceptable. Let President Sata know that it will be the people’s decision to make Hichilema, Mumba or Fr Bwalya president in 2016,” Saunders said.