Police IG given ultimatum

Opposition UPND women’s league has given Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani seven days ultimatum to bring to book Patriotic Front cadres who have been perpetrating political violence in the country against innocent citizens.

UPND national women chairperson Namakau Kabwiku noted that since she was appointed Inspector General of Police violence has accelerated in the country.

Mrs. Kabwiku said that the continuous attacks on the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema was just one of the security breach the country was facing under the leadership of Ms. Libongani.

“We shall demonstrate against her if she does not stop the thuggish behaviour in police and arrest PF thugs who have been attacking innocent citizens. We are not joking we aim and mean our ultimatum,” said Mrs. Kabwiku.

Mrs. Kabwiku said that her party had decided to give an                  ultimatum to Ms. Libongani because she had shown failure in her conduct as an Inspector General of police.

She said that the current peace people were enjoying in the country had become compromised to the levels where people were scared to partially participate in the governance of the country.

“Look here when Libongani was appointed we celebrated knowing that a mother has been given a very responsible position which she will be expected to act like one. But the two years she has been in that office, she has been a disappointment. Actually not her alone all the women appointed to those major positions in the police have been a letdown.

Look at what happened when Charity Katanga was commissioner Lusaka, this town was a violent capital city.

She fully participated in political violence under the leadership of Libongani. When she was transferred to Southern Province, it was all the same and turned ugly because people lost lives.Look at what happened in Eastern Province, the person who instructed police to go beat up people for waiting for our president was a female police officer a Mrs. Chipalila. Just recently, it was a Kasosa on the Copperbelt. These are all women.

So our plans to demonstrate against the leadership of the police are justifiable,” said Mrs. Kabwiku.

Mrs. Kabwiku warned that the PF and police should not take the ultimatum as mare jokes, “ we shall undress so that they beat us nicely if Madam Libongani will not respond to our plea. We want a peaceful Zambia and that is our prayer.”