Sata should stay away from traditional matters-ABZ

President Sata should not interfere or counsel traditional establishments on issues of succession disputes, says Alliance for Better Zambia president fr Frank Bwalya.

Fr Bwalya wondered why the Head of State had personally taken over the succession issue of the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people.

He said all traditional establishments in Zambia and beyond knew that President Sata had personally blocked the installation of Henry Kanyanta Sosala as the new Paramount a Chitimukulu of the Bemba people.

“The truth of the matter is that there is no succession dispute but Mr Sata has decided to create one. The succession problem surrounding the next Paramount Chief Chitimukulu in Bemba land only exists in Mr Sata’s mind.

“We all know that in the process of trying to block Henry Kanyanta Sosala from ascending to the throne, President Sata has notoriously abused his powers and has exhibited a kind of arrogance that has made him lose authority on traditional succession disputes,” he said.

Fr Bwalya said as a party, ABZ would continue to pray that President Sata realized that the position he had taken against Mr Sosala was illegal and had created unnecessary emotional stress and tension in the country.

He further prayed that the Head of State would realize that his action to block the installation of Mr Sosala as the rightful new Paramount Chief Chitimukulu had caused a lot of mental and physical torture on the part of the Bemba Royal Establishment.

“As for Henry Kanyanta Sosala we all shed tears to see him helplessly waiting for God to deliver justice against a President who claims to govern using the Ten Christian Biblical Commandments,” he said.

The ABZ leader further urged the Bemba people not to relent in demanding justice on this very important matter.

Fr Bwalya appealed to other chiefdoms to come to the aid of the Bemba people and stop the sustenance of a precedence that would pose a great threat to all our traditional establishments.