MMD to expel its truant top officials?

A full quorum of the MMD national executive committee which included provincial chairpersons from nine provinces yesterday resolved to take disciplinary action against its senior party members after electing Muhabi Lungu as its new national secretary.

The provincial chairpersons claimed that five out of the six petitions for a convention were fraudulent.

And MMD president Dr  Nevers Mumba said he had not seen any court order to restrain the NEC from holding yesterday’s meeting as alleged by  acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu.

After the NEC meeting held at Kapingila House, party deputy national chairman Mr Edgar Keembe announced that the senior members that alleged that six provinces had petitioned to hold a convention had fraudulently obtained the signatures.

He said the two party vice presidents, Dr Michael Kaingu and Dr Brian Chituwo, party spokesperson Dora Siliya, national youth chairperson Tobias Kafumukache and Lucky Mulusa would be subjected to serious disciplinary measures.

Mr Keembe said out of the alleged petitions for those calling for a party convention claimed to have received, only one from Western Province was valid.

“It is sad to note that out of six petitions, only one would be said to have been correctly done and that was from Western Province. The rest were fraudulently done and therefore, they fall out,” he said.

He said some were signed by people who were not members of the party or had moved out of the party.

“We would have definitely gone along with our provisions of the constitution. Some  of the petitions were signed by people who are not members of the executive. Some of the people appearing on those lists are people who left the party a year ago,

“And therefore NEC has resolved that the extraordinary convention that was being called for is null and void.”Mr Keembe said

He said the committee would subject the petitions to a committee that was going to scrutinize their authenticity.

“If in the process some crime or some fraudulent activities were done, punitive measures will be taken against the perpetrators of such activities,” Mr Keembe said.

And the chairpersons from nine provinces excluding Western said they supported Dr Mumba as a democratically elected leader hence no need for an extraordinary convention.

And in an interview, Mr Nyangu claimed to have presented the court order to Dr Mumba to restrain NEC from going ahead.

“I have heard rumours that there is an injunction which I have not seen. I would be very surprised that somebody would bring an injunction five minutes before a meeting starts. I have not seen that document. My colleagues here who are part of NEC have not seen that document either,” said Dr Mumba.