Heed Bishop Mpundu’s advice, Sata told

Lusaka archbishop Telesphor Mpundu must be applauded for directly coming out clear on the stalled constitution making process, former Siavonga Member of Parliament Douglas Syakalima has said.

Mr Syakalima said Bishop Mpundu’s advice was timely and that President Michael Sata should heed to what the Catholic clergy have been saying about the stalled constitution making process.

Mr Syakalima noted that Bishop Mpundu had reminded President Sata on the promises he had made to the people of Zambia with one being to deliver a new and people driven constitution that would be adopted through a referendum.

He said it would be unfortunate if the Head of State would want to threaten the clergy after saying the truth.

The former law maker said the best thing that the PF leadership could do was to put up a referendum commission to start the process.

“Stubbornness is not the best way in this time and era and it is only wise that President Sata must start the process now. He will go badly if he remains to be stubborn because the people will be forced to throw him out of the office.

“For the bishop to say all this it means people are frustrated with the manner the current leadership is behaving when it came to fulfilling their promises. It is good that all this is coming from Bishop Mpundu because he is one of the people that advocated for change because they believed that President Sata was going to make a difference and deliver a constitution to the people of this country,” he said.

Mr Siakalima further said that things were not good for the PF administration because they have lied to the people of this country and the best thing to do was to give Zambians a constitution they deserved.