Muhabi dismisses Kaingu’s accusations over injunction

MMD national secretary Muhabi Lungu has described as frivolous assertions that Dr Nevers Mumba was served with a court order before the NEC meeting could start on Sunday.

But Mr Michael Kaingu vice president for political affairs has obtained leave of Lusaka High court to comence contempt proceedings agaist Dr Mumba and all the other 32 national executive committe members who attended the meeting because they allegedly attended knowing there was an injuction.

But Mr Lungu said minutes before the start of the meeting, deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu called him, stating that  he had been trying to reach Dr Mumba over rumours that a court order was being prepared to stop the meeting.

Mr Lungu explained that it was not true that Mr Nyangu had a court order at the time he arrived at the venue of the NEC meeting stating that when the deputy national secretary arrived at Kapinjila, he only distributed files for the meeting and did not leave any court injuction.

“What happened at the risk of repeating ourselves is that Dr Mumba did not ignore the court order because there was none. Mr Nyangu did not have a court order when he came to the meeting. We went ahead with the meeting because there was no court order and it may have come after the meeting had started. These people have failed in their schemes to gunner support from the general membership and they have now resorted to using the courts to frustrate the smooth running of the party,” Mr Lungu said.

Mr Lungu said Dr Kaingu and his group had realised that they had failed to win the support of the provincial executive committee and had resorted to using the courts to frustrate the smooth running of the former ruling party.

Mr Lungu said when the NEC met on Sunday, nine of the ten provinces had rejected calls for an impromptu national convention and that claims by the Dr Kaingu faction that six provinces had petitioned NEC were untrue and misleading.

Mr Lungu said the only Province that was not represented by the provincial chairman was Western Province while the rest of the Provinces sent their chairmen to the NEC meeting which was held at Katunjila House in Kabulonga.

But Dr Kaingu told the Daily Nation yesterday that Dr Mumba allegedly ignored the court order restraining him from going ahead with the national executive committee meeting that saw the election of Mr Lungu as the new national secretary.

Dr Mumba deliberately ignored a court order because he had no regards for the courts of law and that his action to continue with the meeting after he had been served with the injunction was nothing but contemptuous.

The MMD vice-president for political affairs said it was clear that Dr Mumba had no respect for other people and that was why he had failed to work with the original members of the former ruling party.Dr Kaingu alleged that Dr Mumba had completely ignored all the original and founder members of the former ruling party and that he had nominated former Patriotic Front (PF) rebel MPs whom he was currently working with.

He said most of the people Dr Mumba had co-opted into the national executive committee were those who had rebelled against President Michael Sata and the PF while in the opposition.

“Dr Mumba has no respect for the courts and that is why he deliberately ignored the court order served on him to stop the NEC meeting from going ahead. The Supreme Court pardoned him for contempt and here he is again acting so very unrepentant by ignoring an injunction served on him. He does not respect anyone and most of the people he has nominated into NEC were rebel MPs in the PF. He has completely ignored all the original and founder members of the MMD and has surrounded himself with people who have never been there for the party,” Dr Kaingu said.