Court injunction was mere rumour, insists Nevers

MMD president Nevers Mumba has insisted that he only heard rumours about a court injunction to stop the National Executive Committee (NEC) from holding a NEC meeting five minutes before it started.

And Dr Mumba has also disclosed that party officials demanding for the convention allegedly used forged lists of provincial executive committees to show that they were in support of the convention.

Dr Mumba said that he did not see the actual document restraining the former ruling party from holding its NEC meeting.

The MMD leader was speaking in an interview on Tuesday in Kitwe where he had gone to mourn his sister-in law.

“We heard rumours that there was an injunction restraining us from holding a NEC meeting five minutes before we held the meeting. We heard rumours of the court order, but we didn’t see the document itself.

“I have not seen that document and if that document was there, it should have been given to the chairman legal who was also present at the meeting,” Dr Mumba said.

He said it was sad that some party officials who commanded respect from some lower organs could sink so low and engage in fraudulent activities just because they wanted to succeed in their mission of killing the MMD.

“You know what ? when you are not straight forward in whatever you are doing, God will expose you. So our colleagues forged some of the lists of the provincial executive committees, but they were exposed because some of the lists they produced had names of those who left MMD a long time ago to join PF.

“For example for Luapula province, they produced the name of former Chairman Emmanuel Chungu who left MMD to join PF. They produced old lists of provincial executive leaders, while in some cases, the same old lists, they forgot to change the dates from 2013 to 2014,” He said.

When asked whether he was not worried about the leadership wrangles in the former ruling party, Dr Mumba said he was not because the MMD was merely going through a rebirth which would see the emergence of a much stronger MMD.

He said the leadership wrangles were necessary for the MMD because it was one way of cleansing the former ruling party and make it stronger.

“I would like to reaffirm that whatever you see happening in MMD is necessary, it is the rebirth of the MMD. Where good things come, you need to suffer. MMD is lead by the grass root. Some people will try to destabilize it, but they will not succeed.

“If MMD was not strong, outsiders would not have been sponsoring party officials to destabilize it, but because they know the strength of the MMD, they want to destabilize it,” He said.


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  1. I like what Dr Mumba has said “The re-birth of MMD”.This is true.At birth there are labour pains,but what comes after that brings joy-when a baby is born joy comes.You may even forget that there was any pain.Thank God,for what he is about to do in this Jubilee Year.

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