Police not aware of looming GBM arrest

Police in Lusaka are not aware about any pending arrest of former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (popularly known as GBM) as a result of the on-going investigations against him.

According to online reports, a docket has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for consent to arrest GBM and his daughter over a cancelled Zesco contract.

They said that they were now ready to effect an arrest of Mr. Mwamba on charges of abuse of office and other related accusations.

In an interview Police spokesperson Charity Chanda Munganga said that she was not aware of any pending arrests of GBM and his daughter Thandiwe.

But GBM has confirmed to the Daily Nation that he was aware of  police intention to arrest him over the canceled ZESCO tender to supply poles.

Ms. Munganga said that she could not comment on the pending arrest of GBM because she was not aware of such a move.

“Arresting GBM? I am not aware so I cannot comment,” said Ms. Munganga.

But Mr. Mwamba said that he was informed by some officers that he would now be arrested for abuse of office and slapped with corruption charges.

Mr. Mwamba said that the scheme by the PF government to arrest him was consequential to the party as it was l aimed at finishing him politically.

He said that he would wait until such a time when they would summon him.

“It will be the time when I will speak out the truth. I am not scared at all of this pending arrest, this is purely political to intimidate and cow me down.” he said

And Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) executive director Father Leonard Chiti noted with sadness that those close to government were being shielded from prosecution by the leadership on allegations of corruption.

Fr. Chiti cited the case of Mr Mwamba who was now facing the wrath of the police and the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) on allegations of corruption and abuse of office.

“It is purely political and selective justice and prosecution Mr. Mwamba is going through. He is going through government persecution over his business contracts with government after falling out with President Michael Sata,” said Fr. Chiti.

Fr Chiti said the fact that the President has directed the ACC not to prosecute any of his ministers without his knowledge was a sign that the fight was selective and aimed at intimidating his critics in government.

He said corruption could only be effectively fought if the ACC was independent of any interference.

Mr. Mwamba together with Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba was cleared of any wrong doing by the Anti Corruption Commission before their cases were closed.

But in a dramatic In the turn of events, Mr Mwamba’s case was restored soon after he resigned as defence minister.

The police were reported to have retrieved Mr Mwamba’s case files from ACC office and launched frash investigation against him and his family.