Anti – Guy Scott Jerabos shot at

Police in Kitwe last week on Thursday allegedly fired gun shots and punctured the tyres of a Toyota Land cruiser belonging to a known Jerabo who had hired youths and besieged Hotel Edinburgh where Vice-President Guy Scott was demanding for change of government.

The well known Jerabo, who had his Land cruiser shot in the tyres by police is allegedly working with a named Patriotic Front (MP) Member of Parliament (MP) in Luanshya to grab the slug dump popularly known as the Black Mountain from the youths in Wusakile.

Copperbelt Police Chief Joyce Kasosa could not give details of the incident because she had just reported in her office but instead referred queries to Police Service Spokesperson Charity Munganga Chanda who also could not give details of the incident  because she was out of office.

But sources within the police and Jerabos close to the victim told the Daily Nation that police fired gun shots and punctured the tyres of a Toyota Land cruiser after pursuing him and his hired youths for causing confusion in the city centre when Vice President Guy Scott was in the city after officiating at the Labour Day.

The Jerabo and his hired youths allegedly caused confusion and chanted slogans saying “ We want change” when Vice-president Guy Scott was leaving for Lusaka after having Lunch at Hotel Edinburgh.

“The Jerabo organized youths to cause confusion.

He took them to his bar where they drank beer. After getting drunk, they came and caused confusion at Hotel Edinburgh when the Vice-President was leaving for Lusaka after having his lunch.

“They were followed by police and in the process, police fired gun shots in the tyres of the Land cruiser to stop them. The Land cruiser was impounded, but was later released,” the sources said.

And some sources told the Daily Nation that the known Jerabo is believed to be working with a named PF MP in Luanshya to grab the black mountain from the youths in Wusakile.

He is said to be boasting that he was untouchable because the MP he was working with was powerful and that the incident where the tyres of his land cruiser was punctured would not be pursued by any one as it was going to die a natural death.

“It is really sad that after behaving in a very criminal way, this man could continue boasting that they are untouchable. Well, they can boast to be untouchable if they can work together with MPs to try and grab that black mountain from those youths who are forced to do illegal mining because of lack of employment in the country,” the sources said.

The Jerabo is a renowned criminal who was sent to jail and served seven months for assault when Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) allegedly refused to award him a contract