End wrangles, MMD told

The MMD as the parent of the country’s democracy should quickly end its internal squabbles and remain united because the public differences by its leadership is causing embarrassment, Bemba representative from late Chitimukulu Mutale Chitampankwa, Mulenga Kombe has advised.

Mr Kombe said that it was saddening that the party that was a backbone of democracy was engulfed in differences when they were supposed to ensure democracy should flourish.

He said the people celebrating MMD wrangles were enemies of democracy and that the former ruling party ensures that it quickly resolved its wrangles so that it could continue providing checks and balances to the Patriotic Front (PF) government.

“As Zambians, we are expecting the MMD to show leadership and end the unnecessary leadership squabbles. The ruling party is celebrating and other opposition political parties because they knew that the former ruling party was still a force to reckon with.

He said the MMD had in its 20 years rule done a lot and it was disheartening that the former ruling party appeared to be disintegrating.

He said the PF had failed in more ways than just one and that the MMD would remain a beacon of democracy and should not in any way be allowed to get into extinction.

Mr Kombe said that there was no need of addressing  their differences through the media as that was worsening the situation.

And Mr Kombe appealed to the MMD officials to seek guidance from the founding party members if the challenges could be resolved.

“We are concerned about MMD because of what they did for this nation economically and these are the things that must help guide even the current government,” he said.

Mr Kombe said that the MMD was still needed especially that the PF government had failed to implement the policies which the MMD left.

He explained that the people of Zambia must look at the principles of democracy which the MMD had brought stating that its existence was important.

Mr Kombe said that it was vital that the senior officials to find other ways of resolving their differences so that they would help bring the party together for the sake of peace and unity. He said it was worrisome that the MMD had been rocked in serious internal wrangles at the expense of providing checks and balances to the government.


2 thoughts on “End wrangles, MMD told

  1. The sad thing is that,the Kaingu group has been sponsored to really destabilize MMD.Reconciliation to them is a non-starter.After this phase is gone, Kaingu and Co,that will be the end of their political career.They lasted this long because MMD was in Government.Now that MMD is in the opposition,they can’t be effective and are no good for the opposition politics.Thank God it’s a passing phase.

  2. People must be learning from countries that cherish democracy. It does not matter whether you are in the opposition or ruling party. What matters is your contribution to the development of the country. Those that are causing this confusion will have themselves to blame in the near future. These are the same people who misled the whole MMD in 2011 now they are the ones suffering most.
    Learn to be humble like UPND members who don’t care whether in the opposition or not but what they care is working for the people. They are just cheating themselves MMD will not die a natural death like UNIP.
    We will defend democracy when these tired guys leave our mighty party. We are coming.

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