Zambia in leadership crisis, says Milupi

Zambia is faced with a serious leadership crisis in her 50 years of independence, says Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) president Charles Milupi.

Mr. Milupi said the current state of the nation was desperate as it lacked inspirational leadership.

He observed that President Michael Sata was governing Zambia in a ‘strange manner’ which if left unchecked would destroy the country’s core of independence.

“The PF is just a strange leadership and there is a serious crisis of leadership. This is what it be addressing now. They are no longer inspiring and actually they have never been inspiring at all ,” said Mr. Milupi.

He said that Zambians were now asking whether they had the right people in government, adding that the failure by PF to address the high unemployment and poverty levels was shocking.

Mr. Milupi said that the failure by the PF to promote equity, justice and fairness in the manner it was responding to issues of national governance was worrying and frightening.

“We don’t know what will happen next or what the President will tell us next. What is happening in the PF is very frightening and worrying especially in the office of the President,”

“Since independence is the first time the nation is experiencing such kind of leadership which offers nothing but comic. Just look at the way the people or should I say the workers were treated during the Labour Day celebrations.

“It was embarrassing, it was fooling people. And for the international community’s watching what transpired, people should be shocked with the kind of leadership Zambia has,” said Mr. Milupi.

Mr. Milupi has since urged Cabinet to utilize its mandate given by the constitution to address the problem of leadership the country was facing, saying allowing President Sata to continue in the manner he was doing, the country should brace itself for embarrassing and the most difficult times in its history.

“I challenge  the Cabinet to take leading steps and address the leadership challenges the county is facing by evoking constitutional powers and save the Presidency instead of keeping quiet and watch the situation degenerate,

“Zambia is in a crisis and this is now showing. If anything the ruling party should have been listening to the opposition to ensure that serious but important decisions are taken in the best interest of the nation. The PF is missing one thing in leadership and that is governance and failure to inspire the people,” he said.