Kabimba disbands Eastern Province PF executive

Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba has with immediate effect dissolved the entire Eastern Province executive save for the provincial chairman Lameck Mangani who is an appointee of President Michael Sata.

Mr Mangani confirmed the dissolution of his executive in an interview yesterday and expressed shock that Mr Kabimba could disband the Eastern Province PF executive without consulting him.

Mr Mangani said at the time Mr Kabimba was announcing the dissolution of the executive he (Mangani) was in Lusaka and wondered why the secretary general could not consult him before taking his action.

He  said Mr Kabimba who is Justice Minister dissolved the Eastern Province executive through a radio programme on Feel Free radio in Chipata during a programme dabbed Big Issue.

He stated that it was ironical for the PF secretary general to have taken such a drastic decision without considering the consequences of his actions particularly that the region was preparing for elections at all levels.

Mr Mangani said if there had been anything wrong with his executive or mistakes that could have been committed, it was only going to administratively prudent for Mr Kabimba to have an audience with him before taking such a drastic action.

He said he had constituted the executive in the province by asking the district leadership to volunteer two people to be co-opted into the executive until such a time that the elections would be held to elect the new leadership.

Mr Mangani said he could not speculate the reasons why Mr Kabimba had taken such a drastic decision but clearly indicated that there was something deeper in Mr Kabimba’s action than he could understand.

‘When the secretary general was announcing the dissolution of my executive, I was in Lusaka. And it came as a surprise for me because he did not find it important to consult me over his decision. In normal administrative actions, any leader is expected to consult other leaders before making certain decisions. I can only say that there is something deeper than I can see and I will have to consult the people of Eastern Province on the way forward following this development,” Mr Mangani said.

He said Mr Kabimba should have found better ways of addressing the problems other than unilaterally disbanding the entire executive without giving reasons.

But sources from Eastern Province have told the Daily Nation that Mr Kabimba’s decision was aimed at getting rid of Mr Mangani because he has never wanted him (Mangani) to be a member of the ruling party.

The source said Mr Kabimba was extremely annoyed when President Sata appointed Mr Mangani as Eastern Province  chairperson for the PF and that he had always been scheming how best to hound him out of the party.

The source said Kabimba had not hiden his hatred against Mr Mangani and that at one time, he told the nation that the relationship between Mangani and the PF was nothing but a marriage of convenience.

The source stated that Mr Kabimba had targeted Mr Mangani because he felt the Eastern Province PF chairman was a threat to his (Kabimba’) position of general secretary.

“You remember that Mr Kabimba told Mr Mangani that he was not a member of the PF and that the relationship was nothing more than a marriage of convenience. And recently, we had women organized by Mr Kabimba from Chipata who came to demonstrate against  MrMangani and they were even told to demonstrate naked.

“ And just yesterday, you carried a story of about Attan Mwamba demanding the immediate resignation of Mr Mangani and his entire executive. So it is not surprising that Mr Kabimba has taken such a decision. He is aiming at getting rid of Mr Mangani because he feels he is a threat to his position as secretary general,” the source said.

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  1. Thats how zambian politics go, full of hate nd jealous thats why we cant go forward as zambians, its too much ignorance nd stupidty, in leadership cord.

  2. Kabimba is exploiting Sata’s sickness for inability to travel into sensitive areas of Zambia. The truth is that Kabimba is actively disorganising the PF in Kasama, Luapula and now Eastern Province in order to pave way for consolidation of the foundation of his secret political party whose theme is to introduce a Federal system in Zambia. Sata must know the famous adage that Ichikupempula echikulya. Yet ba Sata bali ndwiiii ku State House!

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