My life anchored on honesty-GBM

“Honesty, integrity in political, social and traditional life are what have anchored my life and I have no intentions of reducing my character to please the ego of the clique that has been persecuting me and my business,” former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said.

Mr Mwamba said Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba was disillusioned that he (Mr Mwamba) had remained loyal and a dedicated member of the ruling party despite schemes to have him hounded out of the party he helped form government.

Mr Mwamba who was commenting on confrontations taking place between party officials believed to be his supporters said a clique had been using some media houses to attack him and that he had decided to keep quiet for some time because he had respect for the courts of law.

“I do not want to want to give Kabimba and his clique the prominence they do not deserve and I know he is disillusioned with my continued loyal membership to the PF and President Sata,” Mr Mwamba said.

He said it was ironical that the people who had been scheming against him were panicking over his silence adding that those with the desire to challenge him should know that Kasama Central was resolved to show his enemies that they would protect him through the vote.

Mr Mwamba has maintained that he is still a popular and likeable person both in Kasama Central and ruling party and that if  the PF took the risk of  expelling him and a by-election induced in Kasama Central, he would be overwhelmingly be re-elected.

He said he would not waste his time responding to attacks and innuendoes from people whose determination was to hijack the PF leadership of the ruling party warning that the clique would meet its fate in 2016.