NCZ workers stage demo

Unionised workers at the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia have protested against the continued interference in the operations of the fertilizer manufacturing company and fear the interference could negatively affect the production of D-Compound fertilizer at the plant.

They have appealed to President Michael Sata to retire those frustrating the efforts of revamping the plant because of selfish motives.

The workers who marched from NCZ offices to the District Commissioners (DC)’s office in Kafue said they did not want the fertilizer plant to be turned into a white elephant following the cancellation of the tender to supply raw materials to produce Compound D fertilizer.

Presenting the petition to Kafue District Commissioner Grace Ngulube, NCZ union chairman Teddy Machalo said the revamping of NCZ had brought economical life to both the serving and retired workers and that the decision had created jobs for many people.

Mr Machalo said the plant that had been neglected for a long time had received funding in 2011 from the PF administration and that it would only be fair if the people frustrating their efforts could leave.

He has since asked all workers using NCZ as a campaign platform for 2016 to resign before they were thrown out of the plant.

“We have a person who bites on the finger that feeds him by taking information from the company to its competitors. These are agents of Nyiombo Investment with NCZ who frustrating the efforts our hard working PF government through the able leadership of President Sata.

“Mr President, we do not want to lose this company in which the PF government has pumped in a lot of money so we appeal to you to check corrupt individuals surrounding you who are still dinning with Nyiombo to go out so that your fight against corruption is achieved,” Mr Machalo said.

He said the importation of fertilizer at the expense of NCZ would greatly affect the people of Kafue.

The workers representative further asked the Head of State to consider revamping Kafue Textiles of Zambia (KTZ) and Nkwazi that had been dormant for a long time.

He warned that the workers would be forced to close the offices for the DC and area member of parliament Obvious Mwaliteta if they did not support the work of President Sata.

And union secretary Chrispin Mubanga told the Daily Nation that the workers did not support intentions by some bidders who did not meet the tender requirements to frustrate the production of fertilizer at the plant.

He said it would be unfair for the workers if government allowed the re advertisement of the tender because the five companies that were awarded the tender by the tender committee had met the specifications of the tender.

Mr Mubanga said the committee considered bidders that had 30 percent of stock of the raw materials in order for them to start production and that some bidders were not considered because they tendered twice.

He explained that out of the 16 companies that showed interests in supplying raw materials five had stock on the ground and were awarded the contract to supply Muriate of Potash (MOP), Mono-Ammonia Phosphate (MAP) and Ammonia Sulphate (AMSUL).

The NCZ is expected to production 100,000 metric tonnes of Compound D from the raw materials that were being supplied by the five companies.

The 16 companies that bid for the supply of raw materials were Nyiombo investment (Zambia), Ultratek suppliers, Zambian Fertilizer, Innofert, ETC-Adibose L/A (Mozambique), Export Trading company (ETG), Neria investments ltd, Foskor (SA), Commodity Trading International EZC cup, Quality commodity (LSK), OLAM international, Profert, Bosveld Phosphates (SA) , Gavillion, Bakaya link field invst.KYU-ZU, Nyiombo investment (Zimbabwe.

And after scrutinizing all the bids five companies that included Ultratek suppliers, Zambian Fertilizer, Neria investments ltd, Foskor (SA), Bosveld Phosphates (SA) were awarded the tender to supply the raw materials in compliance with set criteria and material specification.

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