PF must revisit its bad policies says Mulongoti

The PF must revisit its policies in order to restore public confidence says Mr Mike Mulongoti.

He said some of the PF policies were hampering development.

“If people are unhappy, how do you expect them to vote for the PF. For us in the opposition, we will be too happy to let the PF go so that we take over and that’s not even debatable,” Mr Mulongoti said.

He said people would not vote for the PF in 2016 because they were unhappy.

“Any policy decision that they make has got consequences on the economy and on the citizens and I would like to believe that the president himself and Dr Gondwe, the Bank of Zambia governor are not deaf, they must hear what people are saying and begin to revisit some of the policies as they did on the reverse of SI 55,” Mr Mulongoti said.

He said the healing process must be started by those implementing the policies that are unacceptable and acknowledging that they had made mistakes.

“If you see that there are certain policies which are not in consonant with what other people think. We have this issue of bumper harvest, now, that bumper harvest has made people anxious and they are excited, others critical because where they got the forecast from, we wouldn’t know,” Mr Mulongoti said.

He warned that opening the maize export window before the country ascertained what it was getting, as it might end up causing a shortage and that shortage would trickle down to the average person.

And Mr Mulongoti said the Public Order Act was being applied selectively.

“It is obvious that there is an invisible hand which is always contacted at the time opposition leaders organize to have a meeting and that is sad indeed,” Mulongoti said.

He said there was need for a constitution that  would promote strong institutions as opposed to strong individuals.  Mr Mulongoti said Zambians would decide whom to give power in the 2016 general elections.

Within Zambia, we have laws that govern how we change government. So if people are tired with the current government, they will exercise sufficient patience and until 2016,”Mr Mulongoti said. “We have got laws in Zambia which guide us on how we change the government. He challenged Zambians to assess whether the PF had delivered its promises. “Has the PF performed on their mandate? Have they performed on the commitments they made in their manifesto which is the reason they were voted into government?” questioned Mr Mulongoti.