Abducting the President

The Government must offer a comprehensive and more satisfactory explanation of the alleged attempt to abduct and embarrass the President by the UPND.

For a start this is a treasonable act and too serious an allegation to be left in a manner that will raise speculation and entrench negative interparty interaction.

Politics should embody civility, decorum and respect for all stake holders. The leaders must be exemplary and exemplify the spirit of accommodation, peace and tolerance of divergence.

The suggestion extra-political action to seek change must be condemned in the strongest terms, just as any suggestion of pronouncement of such ploys where they do not exist.

Zambia has enjoyed peace for the last 50 years and the current debate on a national constitution is intended to enact a constitution that will further reinforce and consolidate the gains we have made in promoting our democratic dispensation.

That is why the veracity of the Presidents statement must be quickly established to allay fears and if necessary ensure that action is taken to bring to book those responsible.


 Fighting corruption

The call by the Anti Corruption Commission that members of the public should safeguard public resources and guard against their abuse by selfish individuals is a rather surprising notion.

We have repeatedly stated that members of the public are the hapless victims of extortion and corruption from many state agencies and therefore look up to the ACC to protect them from the marauding corrupt officials abusing public resources to enrich themselves.

This abuse is so widespread that it has become common place and an acceptable part of doing business in Zambia.

What is even most disconcerting is the lack of action by oversight institutions even when clear cases of abuse are reported by the Auditor General or indeed the media. This situation has forced Transparency International Zambia TIZ to correctly observe that t there is no political will to deal with graft even when the Auditor General points it out.

We seem to lack an institution that will take immediate action to investigate arrest and prosecute rampant corruption in real time.

Each revelation of corruption is met with stoical silence. The only time the authorities will react  is when a small fish is involved.

The fight against corruption requires political will and detyermination. It is not for the faint hearted and compromised.