Kabimba banned

The Patriotic Front (PF) leadership in Eastern Province has banned its secretary general Wynter Kabimba from ever setting foot in the region and have declared ‘war’ against the Justice Minister whom they have described as a bad and divisive seed in the ruling party.

The PF youth provincial leadership led by Clement Mbewe said that Eastern Province was a no go area for Mr. Kabimba who doubles as party secretary general and Justice Minister.

The youths have also threatened to mount demonstrations across the province against Mr. Kabimba’s schemes aimed at hounding out provincial chairman Lameck Mangani from the party.

Mr. Mbewe said that disbanding the committee and leaving out President Michael Sata’s appointed provincial chairman Lameck Mangani to work all by himself was making him to fail so that a reason could be invented to drop him (Mangani) from his position and the PF on allegations that he had failed.

“We the youths from Eastern Province would like to condemn in strongest terms the decisions taken by Mr. Kabimba to dissolve the Lameck Mangani led executive. It is indeed very sad that after dissolving the previous two executive committees, the first one being the Lucas Phiri and the second one being the Mike Tembo executive, the leadership of Mr. Kabimba has not leant a lesson on the dent he has created on the party,” Mr. Mbewe said.

Mr. Mbewe said that Mr. Kabimba was a setback in the PF adding that if President Sata continued to allow him run the party in the manner he was doing, the PF would not go anywhere beyond 2016.

“While we appreciate the efforts of our President Mr. Michael Sata in resolving the wrangles by appointing Mr. Mangani as Eastern Province chairperson in order to mobilize the party which Mr. Kabimba himself has failed to do it at national level. It is for these reasons that we have no doubt that Mr. Kabimba is frustrating stronger structures in the party so as to form his own structures in readiness to take over the party presidency which we have to warn him that he will not take it and we shall not give him,” said Mr. Mbewe.

Mr. Mbewe wondered why Mr. Kabimba was going about disturbilising the ruling party by disrespecting President Sata’s choice of leaders at provincial levels.

He said that the current political or leadership wrangles going on in the ruling party were not inspiring stating that instead of growing the PF, Mr. Kabimba was busy creating confusion by promoting his personal agenda.

“We fail to understand why Kabimba cannot respect the choice and the decision of the President who has so much confidence in the Mangani led executive based on their performance of winning a ward election in Mambwe and also making sure that so many opposition members are leaving their party joining PF making the party stronger than ever before,” said Mr. Mbewe.

Mr. Mbewe vowed that the PF in the province would not allow Mr. Kabimba to create his own personal structures which would undermine the leadership of President Sata and that of the people of Eastern Province.

“Mr. Kabimba is our enemy here and we shall not allow him to come over and address us. If he dares us, then let him push his luck further by doing what he is doing. We shall teach him a lesson he will never forget. Lusaka youths did nothing to him, we shall deal with him Eastern Province has become a no go area for him,” said Mr. Mbewe.

The youth leadership also reaffirmed its commitment to President Sata who they claimed that he had performed extremely well.

“We reaffirm our support and commitment to the president for his above average performance in developing the nation. He has done extremely well in the past two and half years of being in government. For the provincial leadership led by Mr. Mangani, we are behind you,” said Mr. Mbewe.

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