PF plan to block GBM from visiting Kasama

A scheme to block Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM from visiting his constituency to hold developmental meetings in the area has been exposed.

Patriotic Front senior officials have revealed that the party top leadership were scared of Mr Mwamba’s scheduled visit to Kasama after Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba visited the region and asked the leadership to prepare for a by-election.

But when contacted for a comment Mr. Mwamba said that he was not frightened with the schemes to block him from visiting his constituency saying that the people of Kasama were the final authority to state whether they wanted him or not.

Mr. Mwamba said that people with presidential ambitions in the PF were scheming against him, but that would not stop him from visiting his constituency and hear the problems the people of Kasama were facing.

He said: “It saddens me to see people wanting to fight me always as if it is the only job they know best. Especially those that have failed in their lives to win an election even at section level are so determined to destroy my political career but let them know that they will not succeed. I want to warn them that I am ready to meet them because if I say a constituency, it will be too big achievement for them to hold. I have to remind people like Kabimba that I am an elected Member of Parliament for Kasama Central and any attempt to create a by-election will be a curse on them because I will win the seat back.”

Mr. Mwamba said that he was not scared of the police, adding that the promotion of politics of violence some PF leaders have embarked on would end up crushing the party.

“I do not get worried with such things especially that I have done nothing wrong. I have not offended anyone. The only crime I committed was to resign but honestly should I suffer and treated like a common criminals for resigning from my ministerial job?” Mr Mwamba wondered.

However, senior PF officials said that GBM would not find it easy to meet his supporters in Kasama because police have been instructed to stop him from holding any meeting.

“The foundation for his expulsion has been laid down and the clique that wants him out of the party has instructed police top block him in Kasama. Just wait and see, he will not be allowed to hold any meeting like these other PF members of parliament are doing. This is the time when he will feel the heat because even President Michael Sata will not say anything about the matter,” said the official who is also a member of the Central Committee.

The official said that the PF leadership in Lusaka had instructed police to ensure that Mr Mwamba’s visit to Kasama did not work against the party’s agenda of expelling him by allowing him to destroy the foundation Mr. Kabimba laid down while there.

The official said that the PF leadership especially those with presidential ambitions were determined to hound him out of the party by making his life difficult.

“They have seen that schemes to have him arrested over the issues to do with his business are dragging and they believe it would be an easier way to create trouble so that he could be trapped. They want that while in Kasama, they should block him from holding any meeting by saying that he did not inform or notify the police,” said the official.

“These guys are determined to break and silence GBM politically and what they feel now is that allowing GBM walk in Kasama will be a disadvantage to them. They have already done the ground work and what is remaining is waiting for the verdict on the injunction. Just wait and see,” said the official.