Sata, Catholic Bishops differ

The meeting the Catholic Church Bishops had with President Michael was a failed undertaking because President Sata did not want to dialogue leaving the Bishops angry that the Head of State had adopted intimidation and antagonism as a style of governing the country.

“It was not a productive meeting because there was no dialogue because he did not want to listen to the issues raised by bishops.

The bishops expressed disappointment over president Sata’s conduct and fear that Zambians would continue to witness high levels of intolerance from the ruling party because the Head of State was not ready for dialogue with stakeholders.

The sources have told the Daily Nation that there is a danger that Zambia may not have general elections in 2016 because it was the intention of the PF to use the impasse on the constitution to delay the general elections.

“You know the way he conducts himself and lack of seriousness over national affairs. Even Matters of a serious nature, there was confusion as usual and the man was defensive when he was asked to explain certain things and he could not even explain any point,” said the source.

“The issues that the bishops wanted to address were the constitution and the violence by the PF run government.”

The meeting was attended by all the bishops from the 10 provinces of Zambia and two retired bishops.

The Bishops from the ten provinces on Wednesday met President Sata to discuss among other things the constitution making process that has stalled, the abuse of the Public Order Act by the PF and the growing levels of political intolerance.

But President Sata refused to listen to the views of the Catholic Bishops but instead elected to use acrimony and antagonism as his style of dialogue which angered the Bishops, sources have revealed.The Bishops that went to meet President Michael Sata cut off the meeting because the Head of State was not willing to listen to their issues.

Among the issues raised were the Constitution and the misapplication of the Public Order Act but sources have told the Daily Nation that President Sata in his usual style of handling issues chose acrimony and antagonism when the Catholic Bishops from the ten province had a meeting with him on Wednesday.

“The meeting was quit chaotic and there was confusion all over the place and the man was quite defensive when they presented issues to him. So the bishops did not push any issue to him.

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  1. Why waste precious time? Prepare your flock on how to make wise choices when it comes to voting.

  2. But you tuma Bishops you impose that thug on the Zambian people,so you are reaping what you clearly sowed yourselves,you hypocrites.

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