Arrogance will bring PF down-FODEP

Patriotic Front (PF) government Ministers are the most arrogant leaders Zambia has ever had and it is their unbecoming attitude of antagonism and quarrelsome behavior that are going to bring the ruling party down, the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has observed.

FODEP executive director MacDonald Chipenzi said it was saddening that most Ministers in the PF government had adopted an antagonistic and arrogant attitude when dealing with other citizens and that it was unfortunate that the PF administration was full of individuals with a know-it-all attitude.

Mr Chipenzi said it was disappointing that Sports and Youth Minister was engaging in public spats with investors and that his conduct was likely to scare away people with the desire to help Zambia create employment.

Mr Chipenzi said it was not the first time that Mr Kambwili was publicly scolding investors and threatening them with some unspecified consequences adding that such behavior was not acceptable in a democratic country.

He said the PF leadership lacked humility and sincerity and that was why they were failing to community to citizens in a humble way because they believed they were the all powerful who could not be questioned.

He said Zambians were looking for a leadership that was not quarrelsome but ready to listen to the concerns of citizens because that was the best of way of governing.

“We have seen some unprecedented levels of arrogance and intimidation from some of the ministers in the PF administration. They have adopted intimidation and quarreling as a means of governing and this attitude has the potential to bring the PF down in 2016. Zambians want an interactive, humble and caring leadership and these virtues are lacking in the current government. We have seen how Mr Kambwili,” Mr Chipenzi said.

He said Zambia was a democracy and if leaders were going to use coercion to attract attention, they should be ready for citizens to react because no one would like to have his or her emotions bottled on account of political fear.

He said humility and humbleness in leadership were virtues that could promote peace and dialogue because citizens would be able to freely criticize their leaders.

Mr Chipenzi said refusing to listen to citizens was a recipe for anarchy because there was a danger that the governed could easily revolt against their own leadership.

The FODEP chief stated that the PF ministers had exhibited arrogance and antagonism on national issues such as the selective application of the Public Order Act, the NGO Act and the constitution making process adding should this continue, the leadership should not be surprised if citizens would resort to unorthodox means of having their challenges resolved.