Constitution debate

In politics there are no permanent enemies or friend but permanent interests.

That is why the suggestion by NAREP President Elias Chipimo for an interim Government in 2016 or whenever elections are held should be supported by all those agitating for a new constitution.

There is need for a neutral interim Government that will realign our judiciary by introducing real reforms, sweep clean our criminal justice system, ensure competent officer are appointed in oversight institutions and ensure that we have a comprehensive review of Government to ensure that meritocracy and not cronyism subsists.

Only a neutral Government will ensure that the best people with the best possible qualifications and credentials will serve in our diplomatic mission, senior Government portfolios and of course an impartial judiciary will be created.

The interim Government will serve as a very welcome respite from partisan politics which have always clouded and undermined efforts at crating structures and systems that operate in the spirit of meritocracy.

Of course the concept sounds novel and perhaps unrealistic but it offers the most realistic opportunity for this country to achieve a second liberation that will wean the country from the politics of patronage and phenomenon of the strong man.

Zambia needs a respiteĀ  to start afresh on a clean slate.

There is a danger of course that the interim President may just seek to occupy the office in perpetuity. This eventuality should be part of the negotiations between the opposition parties and civil rights organizations that are committed to a new constitution.

This plan takes full cognizance of the fact that a new constitution under the present Government is not a feasible proposition. At the same time going into the 2016 elections as a fragmented opposition is unlikely to guarantee change.

Change and in this case well planned change will only come about if circumstances are created in which non- partisan interest will prevail over our many institutions of governance with the purpose of ensuring inclusivity, equity and fair play. Those individuals without integrity currently serving in Government should be removed to be replaced with men and women who have served the country with honour and outstanding integrity.

Our appeal goes to the various political parties including the constitutional coalition should sit together consider the merits of the proposal modify where necessary and begin to work towards consensus that will take the country to the 2016 elections.

Zambia is and has always been a peaceful country, pioneering in political development including the introduction multi party democracy, survey it is within our grasp to create for ourselves a smooth and pain free transition to the second liberation.

One thought on “Constitution debate

  1. There is no constitutional provision for such an arrangement and surely, that person will quickly consolidate his power and ignore any calls for stepping down. Can PF agree to that? Then how can it be legally protected. It is just like the constitution process which the PF has refused to protect through a legal framework. Good idea but it just can’t work, unless it would benefit the PF.

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