MMD will emerge stronger, united

The MMD will emerge stronger and more refined after going through a turbulent period.

MMD leader Dr  Mumba told supporters  outside the Lusaka High Court  yesterday  that a new MMD was emerging from the turbulence experienced over the last two years inspite of the huge amounts of money that was being used to distabilise it.

“Despite what MMD is going through today, the party will even become more refined. A new MMD with clean leadership and clean politics is emerging,” Dr Mumba told a cheering crowd of supporters.

Dr.Mumba said his party would not be distracted by the PF but would remain united so that come 2016 it would produce a new Zambia.

Meanwhile, the Lusaka High Court yesterday adjourned the contempt case of Dr Mumba to May 16 to allow for the appreciation of preliminary issues that have been raised by the lawyers of the party’s   two vice presidents Dr Brian Chituwo and Dr Michael Kaingu who have sued their leader.

This is in a case in which the two vice presidents sued Dr Mumba over the decision to have the duo disciplined which was reached at its recent NEC meeting.

In suing their president, the duo argued that the NEC meeting was illegal because there was a court injuncton stopping the meeting from going ahead.

Dr Mumba allegedly ignored the injunction and went ahead with the meeting at which Mr Muhabi Lungu was elected MMD National Secretary.

When the matter came up for hearing before Judge Eddy Sikazwe  Dr.Chituwo and Dr.Kaingu’s lawyers made an application that the matter should be adjourned to May 16.  Later outside the court Dr Mumba urged the PF government to desist from destabilizing MMD but focus on the maize bumper harvest and not just mere projections.

He further stated that the Zambian people needed a people driven Constitution.