Sata hates me says Chitimukulu

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people says President Michael Sata habours intense hatred against him to a point of instructing his own government ministers to exhibit the same corrosive odiumagainst the Bemba chief.

President Sata has refused to recognise newly enthroned Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and the Paramount Chief has revealed that President Sata had even instructed his government ministers to exhibit the same corrosive hatred against him.

The Paramount Chief said it was incomprehensible that President Sata being a Catholic Head of State could have such intense hatred contrary to doctrine of love the Catholic Church has been known to propagate.

Speaking out for the first time in his capacity as Henry Kanyanta Sosala the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, the traditional leader said President Sata’s personal intense hatred against him was against his pledge of governing the country based on the principle of the Ten Commandments.

“The powers of cabinet ministers and of the executive are generally without restrictions. This in actual fact means that his intense personal hatred for me has even been translated into Zambia’s national policy. What is amazing is that when President Sata took the oath of office, he pledged that he would rule the country in line with God’s Ten Commandments!

“Honourable Professor Nkandu Luo took the opportunity of the “cabinet collective responsibility of hatred’’ to settle her personal scores with me, but unfortunately her enthusiasm to destroy me totally blinded her to reality. She accused me of ‘’masquerading asSenior Chief Mwamba’’ Paramount Chief Chitimukulu said.

He explained that in the case of the Bemba customary law of succession, it was generally agreed by the parties that a chief below Chitimukulu, be it Senior Chief Mwamba, Senior Chief Nkula or indeed any other was chosen or appointed by the Paramount Chief-in-council.

He said that when the choice of a Chitimukulu was an issue, the body mandated to make the appointment was the Bashilubemba.

The Paramount Chief further explained that the composition of the two bodies, including the necessary quorum for transaction of business was not part of the evidence and that the evidence had failed to establish the role of Chandamukulu, the Queen Mother (including Mukukamfumu, the Queen for Chinsali side), in the selection process of Chitimukulu and the chiefs below Chitimukulu.

He said that the Bemba Royal Electoral College (inchenjeCouncil) which was chaired by the Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu Chilufya Mwango and 21bashilubemba’s and other government officials subsequently recognised him as senior chief Mwamba of the Bemba people through Statutory Instrument No.93 of 2008.

“I later learnt that another contribution to my hatred arose after Africa Opportunity Co-ordination Organization (AOCO) Board in Nairobi decision to appoint me to spearhead the formation of Pan African Development Committee in chiefdoms not only in Zambia, but in Africa as a whole.

“And since her preferred candidate was not picked and so she decided to destroy me internationally by accusing me of masquerading as Chief Mwamba,” he said.

And the Mwinelubemba has denied deserting former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya.

He said the rumor rose from the fact that Kelvin Sampa had promised to give a motor vehicle to Bashilubemba and this was done when he was in South Africa.

He said Mr Mwamba had risked his own life besides standing on the principle of being loyal not only to himbut to the Bemba people and tribe.

“Honourable Mwamba being a member of the Bemba royal family failed to betray his tribe for the sake of money and position. In fact before Honourable Mwamba had paid a courtesy call on me in Kasama, he even took a precaution measure by inviting two officers from the Office of the President to monitor our meeting but President Sata censured him,” the Mwinelubemba said.

The paramount chief said the courage and conviction displayed by Mr Mwamba was admirable and that his fearless statement stood out as an example of courage rooted in Bemba culture.

“The Bemba being a born-warrior regards “the innate temperament trait” as his only survival instinct and strongly believes that fear and coward-ness are the gateway to self-destruction. And hence the saying “cibecibe, umwensonimfwa.” GBM didn’t compromise on his convictions and beliefs in-spite of what he was risking,” he said.