Interim govt proposal good – Saunders

Opposition parties must unite in a unique manner for the common purpose of ushering a constitution that will stand the test of time.

As a result political activist Dante Saunders said he fully supports opposition National Restoration Party president Elias Chipimo that Zambia needs a united opposition to support and sponsor a nonpartisan presidential candidate, whose duty is to supervise judicial reforms, civil service reforms, electoral reforms and other public service realignment to ensure that government was non partisan.

Mr Saunders said it was only through a united opposition that progress would be realized in the constitution making process.

Mr Saunders made it clear that it would be difficult to take over power from the PF government should the opposition political leaders continued to disgrace one another.

“I agree with Mr Chipimo’s findings. It is a good idea that needs to be supported in order to find a lasting solution not just on the constitution but various other national issues,” he said.

Mr Saunders explained that what the opposition leaders must do was to agree on one common goal if their intentions to be the leaders of the nation were to be realized.

Mr Saunders said that there was nothing wrong with supporting and respecting someone’s views, besides that was the purpose of the leaders in the country to come up with ideas of national interests.

He advised other political leaders to heed to Mr Chipimo’s ideas if they were to achieve their political careers and save the people of Zambia.

NAREP president has suggested for a neutral government to run the country for a limited period of nine months to preside over the enactment of a new constitution and oversee fresh elections.

He said that it was important to bring in various stakeholders such as the church, traditional leaders, NGOs among others so that their views were heard for the benefit of the nation and also for the purposes of a well balanced government.

Mr Saunders said that the idea would also give all the opposition leaders an opportunity to achieve, adding that the inclusion of party cadres in public affairs had greatly affected the operations of public offices in Zambia.

He said that it was for this reason there was mismanagement of public funds because the people who were in those offices were unable to articulate and do their jobs professionally on account that they were not qualified.

Mr Saunders argued that if the opposition political parties were ready and meant what they said on challenges facing the nation, they would find such an idea as a platform to pave way for early elections.

“However those political leaders ready for elections today may find such a move in a best interest to object and start to plan because they have first to look at the resources they have utilised to be where they are today,” he said.