Judge Musonda thwarts cartel’s plot

Supreme Court Judge Philip Musonda has thwarted a cartel plot that was intended to penalize and nullify his judgment on the massive plunder of the Tedworth properties by successfully challenging the Judge Chikopa Tribunal.

Both Judiciary and Ministry of Justice sources have revealed that the cartel holding President Michael Sata hostage intended to use the  Judge Lovemore Chikopa Tribunal to discredit Judge Musonda and in the process invalidate his judgment which revealed that billions of Kwacha seized by the defunct Task Force on Corruption had been plundered.

According to Judiciary and Ministry of Justice sources, a special committee comprising officers from the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Judiciary was established to specifically penalize Justice Musonda and ensure his judgment on the Tedworth Properties was overturned resulting in a retrial that was expected to exonerate those who were found culpable.

Had Judge Musonda not challenged the legitimacy and constitutionality of the Judge Chikopa Tribunal, the cartel planned to ambush the former Supreme Court Judge with issues of how he obtained the Tedworth file.

The Tedworth case, among other cases, has created serious legal problems in the Bank of Zambia from where sequestrated assets have been plundered. Judge Musonda ruled that the Bank of Zambia should account and surrender the assets to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

While Judge Musonda was objecting to the attempts by the Judge Chikopa Tribunal to continue with its proceedings even after the Supreme Court Judge had retired, the cartel had on the other hand planned to convict the Judge by discrediting some of his previous judgments that included the ruling on the Tedworth Properties.The Daily Nation has been informed that the cartel had laid a trap for Judge Musonda who was going to be ambushed with well crafted testimonies from some witnesses who had been lined up by the cartel to discredit the former Supreme Court Judge.The sources disclosed that in February this year, a directive to the Judiciary demanded that Judge Musonda should be made to appear before the Judge Chikopa Tribunal and that the Malawian Judge had been asked to come back to Zambia because arrangements had been made to have the tribunal commence its hearing against the former Supreme Court Judge.“The cartel is trying to cleans itself and they are on a crusade to completely damage the last institution of good governance which is the Judiciary. The judgment by Justice Irene Lengalenga has unsettled them and they are planning to appeal because they are determined to crucify Judge Musonda,” the sources said.