Learning from Thailand

There is absolutely nothing ridiculous or improbable about an interim or transition Government to lay ground for the creation and installation of sound systems of governance that go beyond party political affiliation as suggested by NAREP president Elias Chipimo.

This is exactly what is happening in Thailand where the country is in political upheaval as the populace struggles   with the concept of an ‘un-elected” transitional Government that will create a level playing field for political discourse and contestation.

Unlike Thailand we do not have any unrest at play. We have instead a political opportunity to achieve the popular will of the people, without any unrest, illegality or indeed breach of the rule of law.

The opposition should not underrate let alone disregard warnings about the outcome of the 2016 elections. Those talking know what they are talking about.

It is not idle talk because the judiciary may be at play.

It will therefore be extremely naïve and a mark of disrespect to the electorate for the opposition to march into the 2016 elections in the vain hope that a level playing field will exist.

Forget it, the President Mr. Michael Sata may not wish to run for the elections but there are others within  the party and those who are too scared of regime change who are planning and plotting on how best to subvert the system to ensure that the status quo in maintained.

While the opposition is equivocating over a united front, schemes have already started on how frontrunners will either be disqualified or severely disadvantaged.

The draft constitution, if and when it is presented may not be the same document as the one  leaked to the nation, it is likely to contain several disabling clauses that will  have specific effect on the opposition and institutions that seem opposed to the various political schemes.

It is gratifying that the opposition coalition is coming to terms with the futility of demanding for a constitution. This will not come.

That is why it is important that the opposition must look beyond the tree into the forest. More importantly the opposition must now identify the tremendous opportunity that the current   constitutional hiatus offers in the creation of a level playing field.

This is not the time for inter party contestation, this is the time for a unity of purpose to create and install a lasting political level playing field  to which all political  parties will be committed.

It seems farfetched and yet it is very much within the realm of reality, feasibility and actually essential that this opportunity if embraced could create the opening that the nation required to reset itself towards the second liberation.

Our colleagues in Thailand have been forced into many forms of revolution, protest and other forms of upheaval to arrive at a stage where they now want an unelected caretaker Government that will work towards creating new administrative and political framework to guide the future.

Unlike us they are working against the tyranny of the majority, while the opposition in Zambia will be working with the majority to create systems and structures that will serve the greater good of the country.

The caretaker or interim Government should be able to initiate and see through major judicial reforms, introduce meritocracy and generally cleanse systems of governance to ensure that whichever Government comes in place it will be working with a system that is less prone to corruption and cronyism.